Logan Paul’s WWE record: Has ‘The Maverick’ ever been pinned?

Hunter Haas
Logan Paul has taken the WWE world by storm, as the United States Champion boasts a strong record with the company

Since arriving to the WWE and claiming championship gold, Logan Paul has blossomed into one of the most exciting superstars on the roster. And his sparkling resume reflects that.

Logan Paul began his combat sports journey by dipping into the influencer boxing realm. He went 1-1 as a professional boxer with two more exhibition matches under his belt, including one against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Paul, a well-known social media star, made his shocking arrival to the WWE ahead of WrestleMania 37, where he had a brief cameo in the Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn match.

A year later, Paul made his in-ring debut at WrestleMania 38 by partnering with the Miz against the Mysterios. ‘The Maverick’ got off to a blistering start, and he’s only built momentum in the months since.

But how many times has Paul left the ring in defeat throughout his short career? Let’s look back through his ascension and the highs and lows from every match of his still-young career.

WrestleMania 38: Logan Paul & the Miz vs the Mysterios

Logan Paul made his WWE in-ring debut by tagging with the Miz against Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio.

Paul’s strength and athleticism showed up early in the contest when ‘The Maverick’ manhandled Dom with a blockbuster neck-breaker off the second rope.

Later in the match, Paul took advantage of an already-injured Rey by stealing the WWE legend’s ‘Three Amigos’ move before hitting a frog-splash from the top rope.

The packed WrestleMania 38 crowd booed feverishly as Paul commanded the action, but his partner, Miz, snuck into the ring and secured the victory.

Nonetheless, Paul emerged victorious in his debut. However, Miz would turn on him following the win, setting up a singles feud at SummerSlam.

2022 SummerSlam: Logan Paul’s singles debut

Vowing to get revenge on his former mentor-turned-foe, Paul put Miz in his crosshairs and set up his singles debut at the 2022 SummerSlam PLE.

Both men had a chance to shine early in the match, but ‘The Maverick’ stole the show down the stretch by completing a jaw-dropping frog-splash that sent Miz crashing through the announcer’s table.

Paul dealt with interference from Miz’s cronies, but a ‘Skull-Crushing Finale’ was enough to secure the win. The crowd burst into a mixture of cheers and boos as his singles debut was victorious.

2022 Crown Jewel: Logan Paul comes up just short

Only two fights into his WWE career, Paul earned a chance to fight the face of the company, Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

Although Paul had an impressive showing, which included several death-defying maneuvers, the young superstar fell short of his ultimate goal.

As he so expertly does, Reigns controlled the ring amid spurts of success from Paul. ‘The Tribal Chief’ shut down the underdog story in front of an energetic crowd in Saudi Arabia.

Paul took the pin for the first time in his WWE career, but his standing as a legitimate championship-caliber wrestler was cemented after going toe-to-toe against Reigns. 

2023 Royal Rumble: Logan Paul steals the show

Making his Royal Rumble debut, Paul had arguably the best performance of the night. He entered at number 29 overall to a steady mixture of cheers and boos.

He flew down the entrance ramp and immediately drew everyone’s ire inside the squared circle. The other six men jumped Paul as Ricochet attempted to throw him over the top rope.

‘The Maverick’ fought back with a mind-blowing front flip and clothesline that elicited a giant pop from the crowd and the announcer’s table alike.

Then, as chaos ensued near the end of the match, Paul and Ricochet came to blows again — this time in the best spot of the entire 2023 Royal Rumble.

The two locked eyes from across the ring and challenged each other to a clothesline battle. Each man flew high into the air, resulting in a car crash-like collision.

Paul and Ricochet barreled into one another, and the crowd rose to their feet in astonishment. Even Michael Cole and Pat McAfee marveled at the feat of athleticism they had just witnessed.

Crafty as ever, Paul rolled out of the ring but went under the ropes, preserving his place in the ongoing Rumble match.

As Cody Rhodes, Gunther, and Seth Rollins were the final three remaining, the commentary forgot about Paul’s savvy move.

‘The Maverick’ snuck back into the ring and dispatched Rollins, much to the surprise of everyone in the building. Alas, eventual winner Rhodes would get the last laugh by throwing Paul out of the ring.

Still, the 2023 Royal Rumble was a turning point in Paul’s short WWE career. He showed that he could hang with anyone as an in-ring talent, which would serve as the launch point for his championship singles run.

WrestleMania 39: Logan Paul loses to Seth Rollins

In his second WrestleMania appearance, Paul drew Seth Rollins. And the two engaged in a nearly 20-minute-long spectacle full of spot-on technique.

Paul and Rollins showcased immense chemistry as they worked together. From perfectly executed reversals to awe-inducing high-flying moves from the top rope — this match featured a little bit of everything.

Momentum shifted from one side to the other throughout, including several false finishes down the stretch, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

It seemed like Paul had captured victory for a moment after hitting a heavy right-handed haymaker on his opponent. But Rollins kicked out with only a tenth of a second to spare.

KSI’s distraction kept Paul alive momentarily, but following a few more near falls, Rollins finally landed his ‘Curb Stomp’ finishing move, which proved to be the final blow for Paul.

Even in the loss, Paul once again built his image up with the fans and the entire WWE locker room. His match against Rollins was arguably the best of the entire WrestleMania 39 card.

It was as much of a star-making performance as possible for someone as popular as Paul. That show catapulted him from being a social media star to a bonafide WWE superstar.  

2023 Money in the Bank: Logan Paul shines 

Paul’s next in-ring appearance came at the 2023 Money in the Bank ladder match, which saw six other men team up on the rising star, much like the Royal Rumble match.

Still, Paul was the first athlete to get a ladder lined up in the ring. But before he could hurry up the rungs and grab the briefcase, he was again ambushed by the rest of the competitors.

‘The Maverick’ would get his retribution later in the match by assaulting the field with a ladder before frog-splashing onto Damian Priest, who was lying on a ladder.

“You still suck,” chants rang through the arena as fans were actively rooting against the villainous Paul. 

With only minutes remaining in the match and every other competitor on the ground, victory seemed inevitable for the social media megastar.

Alas, Ricochet ruined the chances of either man winning after the two flew off the ladder and through tables set up outside the ring. 

It’s beginning to sound like a broken record, but this was another spectacular showing from Paul. He received considerable heat from the crowd but also garnered a sense of admiration for his exciting wrestling style.

2023 SummerSlam: Logan Paul challenges Ricochet

In a matchup that had been brewing for over six months, Paul and Ricochet finally would face each other one-on-one at the 2023 SummerSlam PLE.

Another mixed reaction accompanied Paul as his music hit, and he made his way to the ring. And the boos only got louder as the opening bell hit.

Ricochet had his fair share of moments throughout the match. The trademark high-flyer defied physics with several jaw-dropping moves, including a neck-breaker from the top rope.

Paul took the most damage of his young WWE career, but he was still able to mount a massive comeback. He had an answer for nearly every move Ricochet threw at him.

Thanks to a momentum-shifting attack, Paul gained the upper hand and landed his finisher on Ricochet, ending their lengthy feud and getting the rising star back in the win column. 

2023 Crown Jewel: United States Championship match

For a second straight year, Paul would compete for a championship in front of the passionate Saudi Arabia crowd at Crown Jewel. This time, against a familiar face.

Rey Mysterio, who Paul fought in his WWE debut at WrestleMania 38, had recently won the United States Championship and looked to defend it against ‘The Maverick.’

The veteran put over the newcomer well, as Paul looked strong throughout the match. As the battle drew to its end, Mysterio set up his opponent for the patented ‘6-1-9’ finisher, but the social media star had other plans in mind.

In a move that has become customary with Paul, he dipped into his heel bag and pulled out a pair of brass knuckles that he used to strike Mysterio down.

He did it in a way that disguised the weapon from the ref, which resulted in Paul getting the three-count and being named the new United States Champion.

That marks the first time Paul has ever been a champion, and based on the crowd reception, fans were excited about the outcome — which is rare when a heel wins.

2024 Royal Rumble: Logan Paul’s first US Title defense

Paul’s first US title defense would come a couple of months later as fan-favorite Kevin Owens wanted to stop the champion’s momentum in its tracks.

Paul yet again received mixed reviews, but the smatterings of cheers had begun gaining ground on the overpowering chorus of boos. 

Owens, a three-time US champion, took advantage early by spilling the action outside the ring. He bullied Paul and sat comfortably in the driver’s seat for much of the fight.

But Paul, as he has so expertly done during his WWE reign, used his unprecedented athleticism and some dirty tactics to shift the tides in his favor.

After a couple of near falls, Paul pulled out the brass knuckles again — but this time, Owens noticed and swiped the weapon before using it himself.

As the referee counted to three, he noticed at the last second that Owens was wearing the brass knuckles. He called for the bell, and the match was ruled a disqualification.

Thus, per WWE rules, Paul won the match and retained his United States Championship. After the match, Owens assaulted ‘The Maverick,’ which set up a program between the two later down the road.

Elimination Chamber Qualifier vs the Miz

Two former rivals shared the ring again on Friday Night SmackDown as the Miz and Logan Paul met in an Elimination Chamber qualifying match ahead of the February 2024 PLE.

It was a relatively quick match by Paul’s standards, as the Miz dominated ‘The Maverick’ for much of the scrum, even causing considerable damage to his right knee.

However, as the referee was distracted, Paul took advantage and flipped the script on Miz by hitting a ‘Skull-Crushing Finale.

Then, out of nowhere, Paul nailed the former grand slam champion with a massive right hook and clinched his spot in the Elimination Chamber match set for Australia.

2024 Elimination Chamber: A rivalry begins with Randy Orton 

Paul entered Perth as the United States Champion but wouldn’t be tasked with defending that belt. Instead, he was put inside the Elimination Chamber for the world title’s number one contender opportunity.

As Paul awaited his entry into the match, Owens stood menacingly outside of his pod, waiting for the same. When his door opened, KO flung it open and began his assault.

Later, Bobby Lashley administered even more punishment toward Paul by spearing him through the plexiglass pod to the shock and awe of the entire crowd.

Paul frequently put his body in harm’s way for the rest of the match. From face-first crashes into the unforgiving steel cage to backdrops onto the metal bars outside the ring — it was a brutal fight for ‘The Maverick.’

As the match drew to a close, Paul was one of the final three men in the Chamber. He even had the upper hand before Randy Orton hit a shocking ‘RKO’ out of nowhere.

Paul got pinned for the three-count, but as Orton hit another ‘RKO’ on Drew McIntyre and looked to have victory in his hands, ‘The Maverick’ struck ‘The Viper’ with his brass knuckles.

McIntyre went on to win, which set him up for a title match at WrestleMania 40. Orton, on the other hand, turned his attention to Paul. 

WrestleMania 40: Triple Threat US Title bout

Paul’s most recent WWE fight came by way of a triple threat bout between himself and two people that he screwed over during previous matches.

In a three-way battle for the United States Championship, it appeared Paul was outnumbered by Kevin Owens and Randy Orton heading into the match.

Owens and Orton, although with history themselves, agreed that Paul was the bigger issue, and they made it clear that one of them would be leaving WrestleMania 40 with the belt.

Paul was met with more cheers than boos during his entrance, which continued the trend of WWE fans warming up to ‘The Maverick’ as a championship-level fighter.

On his way to the ring, Michael Cole explained that in his 27 years in the wrestling business, he’s never seen anyone take to WWE as quickly as Paul has.

Once the bell rang, Orton and Owens beat the brakes off of Paul. The action moved outside the ring quickly as the mugging continued.

However, when the three men returned to the ring and Orton attempted to pin Paul, the course of the match changed.

Orton tried to ‘RKO’ Owens, and the Canadian returned the favor by throwing vicious right hands at ‘The Viper,’ opening the door for Paul to mount a comeback.

With the match devolving into an every-man-for-themselves showdown, all three superstars got their chances to shine with near falls.

But the moment of the match came when famous streamer IShowSpeed interfered in the match while donning a giant PRIME bottle costume.

Orton’s focus went toward embarrassing the popular streamer by hitting an ‘RKO’ on the announcer’s table. But Speed’s sacrifice paid dividends for Paul. 

He came flying into the ring with a frog-splash from the top rope on Owens, which was enough for KO to succumb to the ref’s three count.

Paul was called the “fastest-rising WWE superstar” by Corey Graves as the match highlights rolled. He figures to be a prominent member of the company in 2024 and could even make the leap to main-event status.

Champion vs champion clash with Cody Rhodes

Logan Paul will challenge for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at the upcoming King and Queen of the Ring PLE, as ‘The Maverick’ goes toe-to-toe with Cody Rhodes.

Thanks to a savvy move by his legal team, Paul’s United States Championship will not be up for grabs in the main event. Instead, Rhodes must defend his belt without having a chance at winning the US title and becoming a WWE Grand Slam champion.

After the two debuted at WrestleMania 38, this marks the first time they’ve went to battle inside the squared circle. It could be a star-making opportunity for Paul as his promising WWE career continues.

Logan Paul’s official WWE record

In total, Logan Paul has appeared in 12 official matches for the WWE. He is 6-2 in singles matches and has a perfect 1-0 record in the tag team division.

Paul’s other three matches — the Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank ladder match, and Elimination Chamber — featured stellar performances by ‘The Maverick’, even though they ended in defeat.

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