Randy Orton RKOs IShowSpeed at Wrestlemania after shock WWE debut

Hunter Haas
Popular stream IShowSpeed came to the defense of Logan Paul at Wrestlemania 40

IShowSpeed, one of the most popular YouTuber streamers in the world, saved the day for Logan Paul at Wrestlemania 40.

Logan Paul, the reigning United States Champion, entered a triple threat battle with Randy Orton and Kevin Owens for his title.

After Paul was dealt several brutal blows from Orton and Owens, it seemed that The Maverick’s title reign was nearing its end.

But then IShowSpeed leveled the playing field. Donning a Prime bottle costume, Speed interrupted the match by leading Orton away from the ring.

“The Prime bottle just pulled Logan Paul out of the ring,” said Michael Cole.

The two jawed back and forth for a moment, with Speed continually barking in the face of Orton.

The third-generation superstar hit Speed with a devastating kick that sent the popular streamer barreling to the floor.

The Viper then pulled the Prime costume off of Speed and brought him onto the commentary table, where he barked back.

Orton hit Speed with a lethal RKO, as commentator Pat McAfee wondered aloud if Speed was “still alive” or not.

Although Speed’s interference ended in disaster for himself, Paul benefitted greatly as the momentum swung in his favor.

He retained the United States Championship, continuing a nearly sixth-month-long reign with one of the most prestigious belts in the WWE.

After that astonishing performance, Paul no doubt owes Speed dinner for this one.