Terrified campers wake up to wild animal trying to bite through their tent

Alice Sjöberg
Animal bite through tent

British couple James and Roxanne had a terrifying morning while camping at Dartmoor National Park in England when they woke up to a wild animal trying to eat its way through their tent.

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One video that’s currently making its way around the internet, with over 14 million views in two days, shows the terrifying moment couple James and Roxanne woke up to the sound of a wild animal trying to eat its way through the tent.

Campers wake up to animal biting on their tent

A husband and wife duo, James and Roxanne, were camping at Dartmoor National Park in England. Everything was going great until they woke up to something terrifying; an animal kept trying to eat through their tent.

A video posted by TikTok user @thegoodsnews, which has got over 14.6 million views within the first two days, shows an animal trying its best to bite through the green tent walls.

Terrified and not knowing what’s awaiting them outside, James tries to roar in an attempt to scare the animal away, but without success.

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“No, it doesn’t give a s**t,” James is heard saying.

James soon decided to confront the unknown animal before it destroyed the tent. He unzipped the door of the tent before braving it and going outside to confront the animal. However, he was shocked to see what actually awaited him outside the tent.

“Oh my god, there’s like a whole…” James started telling Roxanne before bursting out laughing.

A whole herd of ponies had found their way to the tent and was curiously standing around the tent in the field.

“Hello,” James said to the ponies.

Viewers can’t believe what they saw

The viewers were just as relieved as the campers, as several of them believed it had been a bear trying to get through the tent.

One person wrote: “Omg I bet they were relieved.”

A second person said: “I thought it was a wild boar/pig.”


Another wrote: “Tent is green they prob wanted to eat the weird grass.”

This is not the only scary moment people have gone through while camping recently. Another camping couple recently went viral after sharing a message that was carved into a flat rock and placed on top of a stump behind the van they were camping in, which made them call the police.