Campers call police after horrifying message appears at campsite

Dylan Horetski
TikToker calls cops after finding horrifying message

Campers on TikTok have called the police after a horrifying message carved into a rock randomly appeared at their campsite.

With over a billion monthly users on TikTok, there’s no telling what kind of wild videos are going to show up on your For You Page.

From a DoorDash driver slashing a customer’s tires to TikTokers acting like NPCs to bring in boatloads of money, there’s quite a variety.

Some videos on TikTok are quite harrowing, however, with one couple going viral on the app after a horrifying message was carved into a rock and left at their campsite.

Campers call police over horrifying note left behind camper

Initially posted on July 16, 2023, TikToker JoeFelz and his wife revealed a message that was carved into a flat rock and placed on top of a stump behind the van they were camping in.

“I am not easily shaken but this gave me literal goosebumps,” they said.

As the man behind the camera found his way over to the note, he and his wife were left speechless. The message reads: “I will kill again.”

Shooken, the couple quickly got back into the van and called the police, and began making a report of the horrifying message.

Throughout the next seven videos, the campers documented their phone calls with the police as a way to keep followers up to date on the situation.

“TikTok just happened to be rolling when she stumbles upon it,” one user commented.

Another said: “That’s not a normal rock you find in the forest that’s like a piece of granite.”

“The PNW is known for having an abundance of serial killers. Stay safe, [find a] different camp spot,” a third user commented.

They seem to be okay at the time of writing this article, but we’ll be sure to update you if anything major happens with their story.

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