TikToker reveals mouthwatering paycheck for first NPC stream as new kink goes viral

Ethan Dean
tiktok npc money

TikTok’s viral NPC streaming trend is blowing up in a big way. In just a few short days, content creators who were previously unaware of the fetish have now begun profiting from it.

Late last week footage of a TikTok live streamer by the name of pinkydoll broke Twitter. Viral threads showing pinkydoll regurgitating phrases like “ice cream so good” and “got me feelin’ like a cowgirl” stirred a frenzy of questions.

Answers came soon after when the wider internet was introduced to the formerly niche TikTok trend of NPC streaming and its associated fetish. TikTok users with control kinks were paying pinkydoll and other NPC streamers monetary tokens to behave like living dolls.

Reactions have been mixed but the prevailing school of thought is one of support with comment after comment encouraging NPC streamers to “get that bag sis”. That’s exactly what TikToker Nerdywinter did and she revealed in a recent post to the app that she made $700 in just 3 hours during her very first broadcast of this kind.

Before the trend broke, Nerdywinter primarily published comedic TikToks or videos centering on cosplay and VR chat. She recently posted a video covering the lucrative possibilities of NPC streaming advising viewers who saw her doing it to “mind your business, cause I’m about to make me some money”.

The video, initially posted as a joke, far exceeded her average views racking up 12.5 million at the time of writing. Commenters praised her impression of NPC streamers and suggested she make a run of it.

Following her very first NPC livestream, Nerdywinter revealed she made $700 despite being brand new to the scene. Her earlier video suggested that some NPC streamers were making between $2-4K a stream so hers was a pretty successful first attempt.

She posted another video, following her earnings reveal, about the amount of support she had received since trying it out. According to the most recently published data, Nerdywinter’s account has accumulated over 80K followers since May but it’s unknown just how big a role NPC streaming has played.

Since the initial breakthrough of NPC streaming to the wider internet, many people have considered attempting to enter the arena. Dexerto has verified dozens of new TikTok accounts bubbling to the surface as many new users look to capitalize on the hype.

It’s hard to know whether this new trend is a flash in the pan or if there’s some longevity to the movement. There’s certainly an audience for the content and with stories like Nerdywinter’s, more people are sure to give it a go.