Slash & Dash: Customer furious as DoorDash driver deflates her tire after not tipping

Ethan Dean
DoorDash Tire Slash

A DoorDash delivery went awry with details posted in a viral TikTok. The customer’s tire was punctured with a rock by a disgruntled delivery person when they weren’t handed a tip.

Drivers for the big delivery apps are a seemingly contentious lot. Prone to acts of heroism and villainy in equal measure.

Tips seem to be an especially touchy matter with those on the road for DoorDash. This is the second time this month that a driver’s response to tipping practices has gone viral.

In a new TikTok posted by user k_evans78, she shows footage of her delivery driver slashing her tires with a rock. This was in response to not receiving a tip after allegedly poor service.

The video was captured by her home security camera and begins with the customer Keitha Evans collecting her delivery of water. The driver walks away but returns minutes later to do the deed.

They’re seen grabbing a rock from the customer’s driveway and digging it into her tire to let the air out. “Look at him run, he really did the dash,” the voiceover in the video transcribed.

The comments section was divided on who was in the right and some claimed Evans deserved what happened. “That actually happens everywhere. [People] don’t tip so [people] get upset. Next time tip or get your own water,” one user said.

When questioned about why she didn’t tip, Evans defended herself claiming that the DoorDash driver fumbled with the order. “It took forever and he delivered it to the wrong address then got mad at me because he went to the wrong house,” she explained.

doordash driver has freakout
Another DoorDash driver recently had a meltdown over a $5 tip

Other users have defended her outright saying tips are not an obligation. “The way y’all in these comments acting like a tip is mandatory is crazy. I don’t tip until after I get my order. Y’all feel so entitled to a tip,” one said.

Evans has said that she has pressed charges against the driver for property damage and sent an official complaint to DoorDash about the driver’s behavior.

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