Taylor Swift’s SNL TikTok with Selena Gomez has the internet obsessed

. 8 months ago
Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez holding a cat next to the TikTok logo
Instagram: Selena Gomez

Music icon Taylor Swift dropped a brand-new TikTok alongside Selena Gomez and it’s safe to say that the internet is obsessed with the duo. 

As TikTok has continued to get bigger and bigger, more celebrities have joined in with the fun of lip-syncing songs, busting out dance moves, and even pranking other TikTokers.

Back in June, Avril Lavigne joined TikTok and immediately took over social media after teaming up with Tony Hawk for a rendition of her classic hit Sk8er Boi.

It wasn’t long after that fellow singer-songwriter Taylor Swift followed in Lavigne’s footsteps and joined TikTok to a similarly warm welcome – racking up millions of followers in hours. She’s kept up her presence ever since, even joining in with trends that fans have started using her songs.

Taylor Swift/Instagram
Taylor’s music has become synonymous with TikTok trends.

As she’s continued to post on TikTok, Swift’s videos have managed to pick up some eye-watering viewing figures but her newest post, where she’s joined by Selena Gomez, might take the cake.

The pair were backstage together for the November 13th edition of Saturday Night Live when they linked up for the post. Miming along to the ‘Oh no, my bestie is a bad b’ sound, Swift and Gomez’s video only lasted a few seconds but that was enough for fans.

The post wasn’t even live for nine hours before it hit over 28 million views, with millions of likes and comments also pouring in from fans. “My inner 15-year-old is screaming,” commented one overjoyed fan. “Name a more iconic duo, I’ll wait,” added another.

Some fans even chimed in and said that the post was going to “break TikTok” and social media. It’s safe to say that they’re not entirely wrong given how wild fans have gone for the post already.

Taylor’s most popular post has over 33 million views, and this duet is on course to smash that. Though, it’s a long way off being the most popular TikTok of all time.

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