Taylor Swift roasted by fans after falling for viral TikTok trick

Taylor Swift falls for fan TikTok prankYouTube: Late Night With Seth Meyers / TikTok: user123777st

Grammy-award winning music artist Taylor Swift is going viral on TikTok after accidentally falling for a prank from one creative user on the platform.

Taylor Swift has become quite a popular presence on TikTok. The genre-spanning singer/songwriter has teased several of her upcoming projects on the platform, including dropping a snippet of an unreleased version of ‘Wildest Dreams’ back in September.

From not-so-casually taking part in viral trends to using TikTok as a genuine marketing tool, Swift has embraced the platform in an unprecedented way, earning her over 9 million followers in the process.

However, while Tay-Tay is usually the one making fans’ days on the viral video app, her latest TikTok interaction has caught Swifties’ attention for a different reason, as she’s fallen for a fan’s edit in a hilarious way.

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Taylor-Swift-fans-are-decoding-her-mysterious-Vault-video-ahead-of-'Red'-re-releaseTaylor Swift/Instagram
Taylor’s music has become synomous with TikTok trends.

Taylo Swift falls for clever TikTok prank

On November 26, a TikToker uploaded a video of a crowd gathering in a street on a winter’s night. The video was paired with a crowd singing along to Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well.’

However, it turns out that the audio was not actually from the video, and was instead layered over the clip — but it was convincing enough to fool Swift, who was quick to comment with a stunned: “WOW!”

The TikToker responded to the comment, writing: “This is the best day of my life, don’t cancel me guys.”

While the interaction was definitely wholesome, many fans pointed out in the comments that the video was edited, and that the crowd shown in the clip wasn’t actually singing Taylor’s song.

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Taylor Swift comments on viral TikTokTikTok: user123777st
Taylor Swift fell for a cleverly-edited fan video.


“Congrats for tricking one of the smartest people in the universe,” another quipped.

“She really went to sleep smiling because she thought people were singing All Too Well in that video,” yet another commenter cried.

Taylor Swift TikTok commentsTikTok: user123777st
Commenters were quick to point out that the video was fake.

Although the video wasn’t real, it certainly made for a humorous moment that’s taking TikTok by storm — right on the heels of the song toppling the Billboard Top 100 just last week.