Cheeky TikTok shows how to get a free pizza at Pizza Hut

tiktok pizza hut cheese slice takePizza Hut / TikTok

Creativity is key to success as a content creator, but apparently, it can also help you get free pizza. In a new viral TikTok, someone showed a ridiculous way that you can get a free pie from Pizza Hut.

There is a lot of content on TikTok. Some people dance, some people make skits, and some simply conduct mischief. A user named ‘coolmax24’ most certainly falls into the latter category, as they came up with a get-pizza-quick scheme that is peak misbehavior.

So far, the reactions to coolmax’s video have been mixed. Some people are impressed by the strategy, others are disappointed in the comedy, and others are simply concerned with the logistics.

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In essence, the idea is a simple one: You order a pizza from Pizza Hut drive-thru, they hand you the pizza, and, skipping a couple steps, you get another pizza for free. We won’t spoil the couple steps until you’ve seen the video.

Viral TikTok shows how to get free pizza at Pizza Hut

Now you know the steps we skipped. Basically, coolmax and his accomplices dumped all of the pizza from the box across the car. They did this with maximum speed, so that they could ask the cashier where their pizza is when she returned with napkins and whatnot.

The cashier looked confused and the video ended with her seemingly prepared to grab them another pie.

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Of course, this method is a risky one. It remains unclear if they actually did succeed in getting another free pie, but people have speculated widely that it worked.

Also, with the video having nearly 5 million views at the time of writing, this mischief will be hard to replicate. By this point, one has to assume that Pizza Hut workers are going to catch on sooner than later.