Tayler Holder responds to Mads Lewis over new “victim” comments

Georgina Smith
Tayler Holder films a YouTube video

Influencer Tayler Holder has responded to Mads Lewis’ comments about allegations against him on the BFFs podcast.

In February 2022, TikTok star Tayler Holder was unfollowed by a number of other creators on Instagram, with some of them posting cryptic messages appearing to allude to the influencer after rumors of “serious allegations.”

Holder reportedly went on to send out cease and desist letters to those speaking about him online, however, it wasn’t clear what exactly the allegations were about.

Tayler wrote in an open letter in April, “This online harassment took a serious toll on my mental health, and these false accusations cost me dearly on a professional level.”

In a September 14 episode of the BFFs podcast, influencer Mads Lewis commented on the allegations against Holder, with many fans believing she may have alluded to being a “victim.”

“I didn’t get a Cease and Desist, so…” she said. “You wanna know why? Because guess what? …when there’s one person, and there’s ‘victims,’ you cannot email or text the victim a Cease and Desist. You’re not allowed to do that. So I’m just saying, like…I didn’t get a Cease and Desist.”

Topic starts at 28:10

On September 17, Tayler responded to these comments in a YouTube video titled “addressing the rumors.”

“Since I still don’t know about any specific allegations as no one has came forward to either me or law enforcement, let me be as clear as possible as I can be with this. I have never sexually assaulted anybody.”

He added that he has never been with an underage girl, and that he’s never had a non-consensual sexual relationship with anybody.

After speaking more about the topic, he then moved on to Mads’ comments. “Which bring me to Mads Lewis, who claims to know all of the information. False. You know what you’ve been told. There’s a difference in information and facts. So, know the truth. She is not a victim. In fact, Mads even stated that I did not send her a cease and desist.

“She made a comment that you cannot send a victim a cease and desist which led a lot of people to believe that that meant she was talking about she was a victim. Well, here’s proof that she was also lying about that, because as you see here, on January 31 of 2022, Mads Lewis was issued a cease and desist, because she is not a victim.”

He finished the video by saying: “For whatever it’s worth, not that I owe an explanation to any of these motherf**kers, but all of you that walked away, if you want to know in the slightest bit what actually happened, you have my number — I have all of the proof, the proof that I am completely f**king innocent — reach out to me. Come sit down and talk to me. Have a mature conversation with me, stop doing this petty sh*t on the internet for your little f**king views.”

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