TikToker Tayler Holder says he has “nothing to hide” after allegations

Tayler Holder in a poolInstagram: taylerholder

TikTok star Tayler Holder has said he has “nothing to hide” after allegations against him took over social media in February, with several fellow influencers unfollowing him at the time.

Tayler Holder is a TikTok influencer with over 20 million followers and 1 billion likes on the platform, where he posts a range of videos participating in some of the app’s most viral trends.

In February 2022, fans noticed that several influencers had unfollowed Holder, with some of them posting cryptic messages appearing to allude to the influencer, referencing “sinister acts” and saying “things are about to get crazy.”

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Some creators, including Bryce Hall, revealed that they had been sent cease & desist letters by Tayler’s team, however, it wasn’t clear exactly what the allegations were about. Some rumored it was in relation to a sexual assault claim, whereas others suspected at the time that it could have been a PR stunt.

Tayler Holder talks to the cameraYouTube: Tayler Holder
Tayler has a huge platform on TikTok.

In April, Holder wrote an open letter to E! speaking about his difficult year, in which he described the “fabricated rumors” as “cyberbullying.” He explained that the “online harassment took a serious toll on [his] mental health.”

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He added: “Despite exhausting every effort to reclaim my reputation and because I was never confronted with anything specific to which I could respond to, it felt like I was fighting a silent aggressor.”

Tayler Holder says he has “nothing to hide”

Holder spoke about the allegations against him again in an interview with TMZ in May. Asked whether he or his team had been approached by law enforcement about the claims, he responded: “No. There’s so many people that are in these moments that pay people to shut up, they do stuff to keep stuff off the record. I’ve never had anything brought to me for any type of lawsuit.”

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Speaking about the cease and desist letters, he added: “If anything I’ve let everyone know that I am familiar with everyone that is in the middle of this, and that’s why I say like me and my team handle it the right way, offline. And that’s what those letters were, we’re saying that ‘hey, we are fully ready to go legal with this.’ We actually asked them to go legal with this, and they responded with, ‘my clients want nothing to do with this anymore.'”

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Asked whether anything had happened that he was concerned about emerging, he replied: “No. There’s not one single worry in the world.”

He then added: “There was never any worry because like I said, I have proof of anything that I’ve ever done with anybody or anything like that. And absolutely nothing to hide. I just don’t do the whole public speaking on everything.”

Holder has previously spoken out about what it’s like to be an influencer, warning aspiring creators that this life is “really not what you think it is at all.”

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