Mads Lewis sparks concern after comments about Tayler Holder

Virginia Glaze
mads lewis comments on tayler holder spark concern from fans

TikTok star Mad Lewis has prompted concern from her fans after making some comments regarding the ongoing allegations against fellow influencer Tayler Holder.

Tayler Holder is a popular TikToker who is currently undergoing scrutiny after being unfollowed by his fellow influencers en masse earlier this year.

Although nothing concrete has yet been levied against Holder, those who unfollowed him alluded to “serious allegations” surrounding the TikTok star.

Later, he purportedly sent out cease and desist letters to multiple creators, which many presumed was to prevent the recipients from speaking out on the claims against him.

Now, TikToker Mads Lewis has discussed the situation — and her comments on the subject are sparking distress from fans.

Mads Lewis calls Charly Jordan “weird” for Tayler Holder relationship

Tayler Holder talks to the camera
Tayler Holder was unfollowed by a slew of his fellow creators earlier this year.

The matter came up during a September 14 episode of the BFFs Podcast with Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy. During the conversation, Mads claimed that she had tearfully called up Holder’s ex-girlfriend, Charly Jordan, to tell her about the allegations against Holder after they broke up in 2021.

“For her to know all the information, know everything that’s happened in the last few years? I mean, one time, when they broke up the first time, I called this b**ch crying like, ‘Oh my god, I need you to know all this information, it’s not safe.'”

“And she was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I feel for you, God loves you.’ And then all this information comes out and then she’s just back with him? That’s weird.”

Mads Lewis speaks on “victims” during Tayler Holder discussion

That’s not all; many fans also believe that Mads may have alluded to being a potential victim of Tayler Holder due to another comment she made later on in the discussion.

“I didn’t get a Cease and Desist, so…” she said. “You wanna know why? Because guess what? …when there’s one person, and there’s ‘victims,’ you cannot email or text the victim a Cease and Desist. You’re not allowed to do that. So I’m just saying, like…I didn’t get a Cease and Desist.”

(Topic begins at 28:10)

Commenters are showing Mads an outpouring of support amid her latest comments.

This podcast episode follows Tayler Holder’s recent thoughts on Bryce Hall’s calls for a boxing match with him, calling the challenge “weird” after Hall said he would take a fight with him on one specific condition.

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