Tana Mongeau teases Monty Lopez with Sheri Easterling ‘BFFR’ TikTok

David Purcell
tana mongeau with monty lopez

Tana Mongeau has linked up with Addison Rae’s mom, Sheri Easterling, in a new TikTok duo teasing Monty Lopez.

Tana found herself in the center of a family feud in August, after going back and forth with Addison’s father on social media – declaring war with him after he mentioned her “body count”.

Many jokes have been at Monty’s expense since then, with rapper Yung Gravy taking Sheri to the VMAs, where he was spotted sharing a smooch with her on the red carpet.

Now, Tana is back at it again, posting a collab video alongside Monty’s ex.

Tana sends shot at Monty Lopez with TikTok clip

The influencer posted the clip to TikTok and Instagram on September 4, with an original piece of audio that says ‘BFFR’.

As the clip shows, that acronym stands for “Be f**king for real.”

In the comments, there is a reply from Easterling as well, as she sent four heart emojis.

Another TikToker with over 900,000 followers, Jessie Paege, said: “OMG I love this duo.”

A fan added: “Every time someone has a scandal, Tana always posts a selfie or vid with them. Never fails.”

Throughout the very public family drama, the famous daughter of Sheri and Monty, Addison Rae, has not broken her silence on the matter. Though, one source has claimed that she is deeply “embarrassed” by the situation.

Monty Lopez has been quick to fire back on social media, previously calling out Yung Gravy for an influencer boxing match, and even said he’s going to release a diss track about the rapper. Whether he will respond to this latest TikTok remains to be seen, however.