Tana Mongeau puts Jason Nash on blast over TikTok Live gifts

Alice Sjöberg
Tana Mongeau calls out Jason Nash

Influencer Tana Mongeau made a TikTok where she called out Jason Nash for always being on a livestream and “begging for roses” from fans.

If you’ve spent any amount of time on TikTok, you have probably scrolled past and even watched a live stream or two when they pop up on your For You Page. It can be a chance for hugely popular creators to connect with thousands of followers at the same time, while also letting fans show their appreciation for their favorite creators.

However, since the rise of the NPC livestreams, people have realized how much money can be made just from going live on the app. This is mainly done by viewers sending the live streaming hosts gifts while watching the stream.

One of these people is the former Vlog Squad member Jason Nash, 50, who is often seen interacting with fans on his TikTok livestreams.

However, fellow influencer Tana Mongeau has now called out Jason for “begging for roses” from his fans while on live streams.

Tana Mongeau calls out Jason Nash for “begging for roses” on TikTok

In a TikTok video, she said: “Can someone make Jason Nash a f**king DoorDash account? If I open my TikTok one more time to seeing him begging for roses on my Live For You page, I’m calling CPS. Have you seen your kids? Have you seen them?”

She continued: “And also, when they go to school, are their friends like ‘hey I saw your dad, like, begging for a galaxy’. And I know that I’m a sellout, okay? I’m not against people doing things for money, but at this point it’s just like, I would rather see him behind a paywall, cheek up. Like I just don’t get it. Every single time I’ve opened my phone, Jason Nash is on Live begging for money.”

Jason rose to fame when he joined David Dobrik on YouTube in 2016 alongside the rest of the vlog squad. He also has his own YouTube channel with over 3 million subscribers while also hosting the “All Good Things Podcast.”

Jason and David also used to host another podcast together called “Views”. During its debut in 2017, “Views” reached number three on the iTunes podcast charts. Jason and David, along with other Vlog Squad members took the podcast on a live tour across the United States in the summer of 2018. However, the podcast came to an end in 2022.

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