Tana Mongeau slams “nasty” Hunter Echo over Millie Bobby Brown grooming comments

Tana Mongeau, Hunter Echo, Millie Bobby BrownInstagram: Tana Mongeau, Exposing Hunter Echo.

YouTuber and influencer Tana Mongeau called out Hunter Echo during the debut episode of her podcast ‘Cancelled’. In the podcast, Mongeau, Hunter Moreno, and Brooke Schofield discussed Echo’s infamous live stream about Millie Bobby Brown.

The podcast discusses a variety of topics from beefing with the Kardashians to living in David Dobrik’s old house. The first episode debuted on Monday 26 July, The topic of Hunter Echo’s controversial live stream came up around halfway through the hour-long episode.

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The segment began with Hunter Moreno claiming “he is not the worst Hunter’ pointing to Echo’s controversial live stream about the ‘Stranger Things actress’.

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Moreno says in the podcast that what Echo claimed to have done was “so wrong.” Tana also criticized “the way he was speaking about her and the sexual stuff in his live.”

Mongeau went on to describe Echo as a “super nasty guy” while Moreno said that “he should be facing whatever legally you should face in that regard.”

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Tana later described Bobby Brown as the “sweetest nicest girl” while Mongeau ended the segment by addressing Echo indirectly saying “f**k him, face it all, suck my d**k.”

What did Hunter Echo say about Millie Bobby Brown?

In the live stream, Echo made explicit sexual comments and jokes about Millie Bobby Brown. This is despite the actress being under eighteen and in response to one comment in the live, he said “yeah I groomed her.”

A representative for Brown responded to the comments saying they were “irresponsible, offensive and hateful” as well as “dishonest.” Brown’s representative said they were also “taking action” against Echo to “ensure he stops this behavior once and for all.”

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Echo later apologized for the comments saying that he was “drunk” and the Instagram Live “should have never happened in the first place.” Moreno in the podcast said that Echo’s explanation he was drunk was “no excuse at all.”

Hunter “Echo” Ecimovic seems to have deleted all social media including his TikTok where a majority of his following was.

Tana MongeauInstagram, Tana Mongeau
Tana Mongeau promoting the podcast on her Instagram

What is Cancelled? Tana’s new podcast

In the first episode, the trio discussed many different topics on the first episode of the podcast from their beef. This includes their beef with the Kardashian family, Addison Rae’s controversial conversation with Trump, and the #FreeBritney movement.

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In the hour-long episode, they also discussed whether Def Noodles should be allowed back on Twitter and the relationship between fans and celebrities in light of James Charles’ recent scandals.

At one point, Mongeau even talks about why she had to get security for her new house after a series of break-ins by fans. At one point, she even says a man who referred to themselves as “Jesus” entered the property.

The episode can be found on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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