Tana Mongeau disgusts fans with “gross” food confession

Georgina Smith
Tana Mongeau posing on a plane
Instagram: tanamongeau

Fans are calling Tana Mongeau’s latest confession “gross” after she revealed on Twitter how she ate food for two weeks after getting temporary veneers, with many hoping it’s just a joke.

Tana Mongeau is a YouTuber with over 5 million subscribers, who gained popularity as a result of her outgoing personality, and because she never shies away from explaining some of the most bizarre things that have happened to her.

She’s also known to be pretty active on Twitter, and she takes her openness there too, sharing all sorts of details of her relationships with followers.

But fans couldn’t believe just quite how much the star was willing to share when she posted a bizarre food confession that’s put some people off their lunch, with many hoping that she’s just joking.

“I never wanna forget the fact that when I had temporary veneers for TWO WEEKS Hunter chewed my every meal and spit it into my mouth for me cause I couldn’t chew,” she wrote. “Like even sushi. In 5 star restaurants. He really said make sure your friends are okay.”

Naturally, fans immediately flooded the replies with their responses to Tana’s tweet, not quite believing what they were seeing.

One reply with over 1000 comments read: “You opened Twitter, you pressed “new tweet”, you typed this, you probably read it again for mistakes, and you hit “tweet”. Now you see there were multiple steps from stopping you to release this unnecessary information to the public.”

Others were perplexed that the YouTuber went to such lengths to eat food when she could have eaten other things like smoothies, soup, etc.

Among the plenty of replies, there were also several fans who were hoping that she was just joking.

It’s not clear whether Tana was telling the truth or trolling, but regardless her tweet caused a stir among her fans and followers.