Drama YouTuber Defnoodles permanently suspended from Twitter

Drama-YouTuber-Defnoodles-permanently-suspended-from-TwitterYouTube: Defnoodles, Twitter

Defnoodles has been a mainstay source of information for fans wanting to keep up with drama in the influencer world for some time – but Twitter says that the personality has been permanently suspended from its platform.

On July 13, fans noticed that Defnoodles’ (real name Dennis Feitosa) Twitter account was suspended. This came as quite a shock to his viewers, as Feitosa’s account provided a near-constant feed of influencer news as it happened, and boasted over 150,000 followers as a result.

The YouTuber – who regularly posts videos updating fans on the constant cycle of news surrounding influencers and their ilk – posted an update to his secondary personal account, ‘gowithdennis,’ where he speculated that he’d been mass reported.

However, Defnoodles re-iterated that he was given no reason as to why his account had suddenly been taken offline, but Twitter provided an answer a day later.

In a statement given to Business Insider, Twitter claimed that Defnoodles had been booted from the platform due to violating its rules, although it did not specify which rules the YouTuber had broken.

Feitosa’s self-described “satirical” take on breaking influencer news made him quite a figure in the Drama Channel community, and the YouTuber had even struck up a beef with Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem of Drama Alert fame a week before Twitter put down the ban hammer.

In the meantime, Feitosa has claimed that he will continue posting news updates via Instagram. His YouTube channel also remains active.