Bryce Hall responds to viral image of him kissing another guy

Ari Aguirre, Bryce HallInstagram: Bryce Hall, Ari Aguirre. Twitter: dizzyhalls

TikToker Bryce Hall confirmed in a video posted to his YouTube channel that a photo of him and Ari Aguirre making out was him, responding to the frenzy that it started on social media.

In the video, Hall can be seen saying to the camera “if you look straight ahead, you’ll see Harry’s dump truck.” Hall later compliments Harry Jowsey’s figure saying “it’s hot.”

Harry then says “you’ve been real sus recently” and says he’d seen “two videos on my For You page of you kissing another grown man.” Hall responds “okay but like…alright true.”

Bryce Hall and Ari Aguirre kissingTwitter, @dizzyhalls
A photo of Ari Aguirre and Bryce Hall kissing. Both are tagged in the tweet.

One of Bryce’s friends jokingly imitates Bryce saying “I’m not kissing any more guys” after they “leave the house” as “it’s been in the press way too much lately.”

The influencer then proceeded to kiss a friend in his entourage and joke about “acting sus” in the video posted on July 25. Fans have been speculating over Bryce’s sexuality after Bryce posted a vlog with him kissing men.

Topic starts at 4:10

So who was Bryce Hall seen kissing?

On July 23, a photo started circulating on Twitter appearing to show Bryce Hall kissing another influencer, Ari Aguirre.

The speculation was further fuelled by Tana Mongeau who retweeted the photo saying “I turn my back for 1 second HAHAHAHAHA”. Aguirre also retweeted the same photo captioning it “Daddy”.

Bryce HallInstagram, ariaguirre
A post to Aguirre’s story calling Bryce Hall his boyfriend

Aguirre that same day also posted a photo of Hall on Instagram calling him his “boyfriend”. Aguirre lives in Los Angeles and regularly posts photos on his Instagram showcasing style outfits to his more than 16,000 followers.

However, while Aguirre follows Hall on Instagram and Twitter, Hall does not follow him on either. Hall has previously said he did not plan to kiss guys on camera again after a video of him kissing over ten people underperformed.

Ari AguirreInstagram, ariaguirre
A post to Ari’s Instagram with Tana Mongeau

While Hall hasn’t retweeted the original photo, he has continued to fan the flames of speculation retweeting a photo of Harry and him kissing. He captioned it “now this… this is too hot to handle.”

Hall has not commented yet on whether he identifies with the LGBTQ+ community but fans have noticed that Hall has often been seen kissing guys in his videos.