James Charles sparks controversy with Instagram post of Minecraft streamer Purpled

Hannah Van-de-Peer
Instagram: jamescharles/realpurpled

YouTube sensation James Charles is back in hot water after posting 17 year-old Twitch streamer Purpled on his Instagram story. Viewers have been vigilant ever since James confirmed rumors that he’d been messaging minors. 

The star addressed the allegations in an apology video back in March 2021. He admitted he was “desperate” and promised to take more care moving forward.

After returning to social media on July 2, James was met with mixed responses from viewers. Some welcomed him back with open arms, with one fan stating “I like this new James. He’s quiet and not as crazy.” Other viewers found his apology difficult to digest. A comment on his video ‘An Open Conversation’ even branded him the “male Gabbie Hanna.

On July 16, fellow YouTube star Ethan Klein slammed the beauty guru in a Tweet. The podcaster pointed out that James was  attempting to “repair his image” in an “arcade where young boys frequent.”

james charles youtube video twitch streamer purpleJames marked his return to social media with a YouTube video posted July 2.

James set Twitter alight after “careless” Instagram story

On July 19, James was back in the spotlight once again. Twitter user @honkiluvyou shared a screenshot from the makeup artist’s Instagram story, showing him watching Twitch streamer Purpled.

Given the streamer’s status as a minor, viewers were quick to question James’ intentions.

While some were commenting “save Purpled,” others felt this was an overreaction. “He’s watching a Twitch stream…” replied one user. Another jokingly said, “James Charles isn’t allowed to view Purpled’s content until he turns 18.”

Other Twitter users contributed their two cents to the situation. “Fun fact James Charles,” user @belovedhonktwt said, “Purpled is a minor. Are we really doing this again?”

Neither James Charles or Purpled – who appears to be inactive on most of his social channels – have officially responded to the Tweet.

Purpled regularly streams to his 950k Twitch followers.