T-Pain claps back at Twitch hater who roasted his “trash” music with perfect flex

T-Pain Roasts Twitch HaterInstagram: T-Pain

T-Pain clapped back at a Twitch hater who called his music “whack” and told him to mute it on stream by flexing four awards, including two Grammys, and sarcastically telling his wife to “throw them in the trash.”

Despite being a multi-award-winning rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and streamer, T-Pain has been a relatively small streamer on Twitch for several years in terms of viewership compared to the top dogs.

But in that time, he’s won over many viewers and provided some epic moments, like when he roasted Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar and Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff, or when he shut down racist Call of Duty players in the best possible way.

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However, that wasn’t enough to appease a hater watching his stream who told him to mute his music because it’s “whack.” But instead of getting mad, T-Pain responded by roasting him in the perfect way – he flexed his four music awards.

T Pain TwitchTwitch: tpain
T-Pain has been steadily growing his audience on Twitch.

“Damn baby, my sh*t’s whack,” he said to his wife. “He said I need to mute it. Andrew said I need to mute it. My sh*t’s whack, baby. Damn. I thought that I was good all these years.”

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Then, after a sarcastic sigh, he whipped his two Grammy Awards and said, “Guess we’ve got to get rid of these. Can you throw both of them away for me?”

To add salt into his hater’s wounds, he grabbed another award he received for having ten million plays, as well as the one he earned for winning the first US season of The Masked Singer.

“It’s all trash now,” he said. “We should probably get rid of this. Get that out of here. Yeah. Just throw them in the trash.”

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Music preference is subjective, but T-Pain’s success in the industry is an undeniable fact. And thanks to moments like these, his success as a streamer is steadily on the rise, too. As it stands, he averages 1,700 viewers per stream. But the most he’s ever had at any given point in time has been 20,000 viewers, which is a fantastic achievement.

If he plays his cards right, perhaps he’ll add a content creation award to his collection someday, too ⁠— maybe for another hilarious flex in the future.

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