T Pain goes on hilarious rant over struggle of being a small Twitch streamer

Jacob Hale
T Pain Twitch stream

He might be an international artist with some of the biggest hits of the 2000s, but T-Pain has gone on a hilarious rant about the struggles of being a small Twitch streamer, playfully calling out a viewer who said he isn’t actually a small streamer.

T-Pain might be best known for hit singles such as ‘Buy U a Drank’ and ‘Kiss Kiss’ but in recent years he’s taken his efforts to Twitch, broadcasting his music production and occasionally playing a variety of games too to keep fans entertained.

At the tail end of 2020, the artist has been averaging around 1000-2000 viewers per stream which, while a respectable number, barely touches the figures that some of the top names in streaming reach.

That’s exactly what T-Pain argued when someone tried to suggest that he isn’t a small streamer and, while hilarious, he did make a valid point.

T-Pain Twitch stream
T-Pain has become known for his epic rap intros on Twitch.

In this funny rant, T-Pain mentioned the likes of xQc, Mizkif and TimTheTatman as ‘big streamers’, saying that he’s “trying to help all of us.”

“xQc just did 90k on a Just Chatting and I’m not a small streamer?” he asked. “I’m with you motherf**ker! I’m trying to help all of us! We not in that bracket!”

That wasn’t all though, as T-Pain used other streamers to exemplify his status. “Mizkif ain’t been on his stream in 10 days, and you b**ches going there with a constant 8000 views, sitting there playing Pokemon without him even being there! And you’re telling me I’m not a small streamer?!”

He finished by mentioning that TimTheTatman “streams at 7am and still gets 38,000 viewers in the first 30 minutes,” and at this point in the rant was completely exasperated at the idea that he isn’t a “small streamer.”

It’s possible to see both sides in this debate: on one hand, T-Pain is very famous in his own right outside of the streaming world, and does get a decent amount of viewers, but when you compare his channel to the names he mentioned, and several others, he’s barely even scratching the surface of what it’s like to be a “big streamer” on Twitch.

Whether or not T-Pain actually qualifies for ‘small streamer’ status isn’t entirely clear, but one thing that is clear is he sees a much higher ceiling for his streams, which can only be a good thing for fans.