T Pain roasts NICKMERCS after appearance on Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show

t pain roasts nickmercsTwitch: nickmercs, tpain

On Thursday, June 10, top Twitch streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah to talk gaming, streaming and his appearance on the Sports Illustrated cover — and multi-platinum recording artist T Pain took the opportunity to roast him over one specific thing.

On June 10, the Sports Illustrated cover with FaZe Clan was revealed. Alongside Nick were the likes of Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray, Lebron James’ son Bronny and fellow FaZe members Temperrr, Swagg and Rug.

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To celebrate, Trevor Noah brought Nick on to the Daily Show, where they discussed how he came to be such a huge name in the gaming and streaming scenes.

After watching it, while many congratulated Nick for his appearance, T Pain had something else on his mind.

After seeing that the show was re-running again on his TV, an exasperated T Pain asked “F**king NICKMERCS again?!” before having a laugh and mocking the streamer during his Twitch stream.

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“I’m tired of seeing his big-a*s neck on my TV,” the ‘Buy U A Drank’ artist said. “My TV ain’t small, it’s making his neck look crazy. TV big as a motherf**ker!”

He burst out laughing straight after, clearly not actually roasting Nick and having a good rapport with the FaZe Clan co-owner.

The size of Nick’s neck has definitely been a big meme for himself and his community over the years, so we can’t imagine he’ll be too upset by T Pain’s comments.

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This isn’t the first time T Pain has roasted a top name on Twitch, either. He poked fun at TimTheTatman in the past, though Tim laughed it off and found it all as funny as Nick will likely find this.

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