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Ludwig claims YouTube “sucks” for streaming but has plans to improve

Published: 8/May/2022 12:38

by Shay Robson


Popular streamer Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren has claimed YouTube streaming “sucks” following his move to the platform late last year. But, he’s hopeful it’ll get better and overtake other sites long-term.

Ludwig is arguably one of the biggest stars in the streaming world. Beginning his road to success on Twitch in 2018, he would eventually take the platform by storm, becoming the anointed ‘golden boy’ in 2021.

However, in late 2021, the 26-year-old creator dropped a bombshell by revealing that he would be moving on from Twitch and joining YouTube Gaming for the foreseeable future.

Since the switch, Ludwig has been critical of YouTube for not having some of the features that make Twitch what it is. Now, he’s even said that streaming on YouTube “sucks” but he’s optimistic it’ll improve in the years to come.


ludwig streamer youtube
Twitter, @ludwigahren / YouTube
Ludwig made his socking move to YouTube Gaming in November 2021.

In a recent May 7 YouTube video on his second channel MogulMail, the popular streamer opened up about his thoughts on YouTube streaming as a whole.

“YouTube live streaming kinda sucks,” he said. “I enjoy the switch, and I regret zero part about it and I genuinely think it’ll be a better live streaming platform… in a few years. They’re just slow to change! Slow to add things, they’re a bloated company. Like they just added hosting and raiding other streamers, which is awesome.”

Ludwig went on to demonstrate how the new hosting feature doesn’t work as expected and is overall just confusing for creators to use. “It will get better, but right now it’s bad,” the popular streamer added.


The 26-year-old continued by unveiling the rebrand of his popular Mogul.TV browser extension, which is now known as Truffle. As explained by Ludwig, until YouTube improves the platform, he’s taken it into his own hands to bring features that are desperately needed.

Hopefully, it won’t be too much longer till YouTube itself releases quality of life updates to its streaming section.