LilyPichu joins YouTube Gaming after 10 years on Twitch

LilyPichu announces her move to YouTube Gaming.Twitter: LilyPichu

Streamer LilyPichu has revealed that she is officially moving to YouTube Gaming as her new streaming platform.

The streaming war between Twitch and YouTube has a new entry as Lily Ki, better known as ‘LilyPichu,’ is the latest Twitch streamer to make the jump to YouTube.

She joins a long list of other streamers who have left Twitch, once the behemoth of streaming, for YouTube. Although YouTube is and has been the king of video hosting, it did not start investing into a live-streaming service until 2015 with the launch of YouTube Gaming.

Since then, YouTube Gaming has managed to stake itself as a strong challenger to Twitch by acquiring big-name streamers like Dr Disrespect, Valkyrae, and recently Sykkuno. Now, another big-name streamer is joining that list.

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On Twitter, LilyPichu confirmed that she was leaving Twitch and joining YouTube Gaming as a content creator.

The video heavily featured her dogs Temmie & DaVinky who helped make her decision. In a follow-up tweet, LilyPichu acknowledged and appreciated her time at Twitch, but let her followers know that she would have her first ever YouTube stream from Japan with the rest of Offline TV.

The switch is notable not just because YouTube managed to pry away a beloved streamer from Twitch, but that Lily has been tied to Twitch for so long. This year marked her 10th anniversary as a partnered streamer on Twitch, so the decision to leave on such a landmark is quite curious.

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While this marks a significant blow to Twitch, YouTube Gaming is still lagging behind in the streaming wars.

In addition to having a lower marketshare, despite a substantial investment, YouTube Gaming has been called out by some of its biggest stars like Dr Disrespect for not taking care of its creators.