Is Ludwig moving to Kick? New verified account sparks speculation

Michael Gwilliam
ludwig on kick streaming

A new verified Kick account bearing Ludwig’s name has some fans speculating that the YouTuber could have a new home very soon.

The streaming wars have been waging on for months now, with Kick continuing to gain ground against Twitch by acquiring some of the platform’s biggest names.

Twitch icons such as xQc and Amouranth have just recently signed on with Kick, and speculation is running rampant about who the next streamers to make the jump will be.

While legendary FPS streamer Dr Disrespect has been on many people’s minds as a possible candidate, another YouTuber could very well be about to become even richer: Ludwig.

Ludwig denies all rumors of Kick signing

On June 20, eagle-eyed Kick viewers spotted a Ludwig account with a verified checkmark, suggesting that the YouTuber could be next in line to join the rival platform.

Amid the speculation, Ludwig even responded to one of the tweets about the verified account, commenting: “Hunter, it’s never too late to build something good and genuine.”

Ludwig would go on to confirm that he is indeed not moving to Kick, and the account was just made so he could type in xQc’s chat.

“Today’s bait tweet resulted in me waking up to DMs from my boss all because I just wanted to use my name when I type in my Juicer’s chat, so that’s why I fired off a reply,” he explained in the tweet.

And in a livestream shortly after, he responded to the tweets, once and for all denying all rumors of a Kick move or contract with them.

“Not moving to Kick, I don’t have a Kick contract, there are no secret things that are about to be announced, and candidly speaking, I don’t think Train would want me on the website,” he said.

It seems Ludwig will not be leaving YouTube anytime sooner, as YouTube also celebrated their exclusive streamer’s big 5 million subscriber milestone just minutes after the rumors circulated.

Ludwig himself even remarked on this achievement, saying he was “halfway,” which seemed to suggest he would continue to build his platform on the Google-owned video site.

That said, we do have an idea already of who Kick will be pursuing next. Co-owner Trainwreck recently teased a few big signings following the xQc and Amouranth announcements.

“There is a female variety streamer, there are a couple male FPS/Variety streamers, and a male personality/variety – that’s all I can say,” he said.

We’ll have to see who those streamers are and if there is any additional activity on the Ludwig Kick account, such as a subscriber button – something that tipped viewers off about xQc’s decision to join the site.

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