Summit1g pulls off insane move to escape cops in GTA RP after 20-minute chase

Daniel Cleary

PopularCS:GO streamer and player and veteran of Twitch, has quickly become one of the faces of GTA V’s roleplaying servers on the platform, creating some hilarious highlights in the process, including one of his epic racing fails.

1G has been constantly battling with the cops for months since joining the popular NoPixel server and it seems as if he finally got the better of them once again during his stream on August 30.

Summit1g - TwitchSummit1g has been one of the faces for GTA RP on Twitch over the past few months.

Summit and his friends had decided to rob a grocery store in-game, which took the streamer longer than he anticipated, leading to him having a confrontation with the cops before attempting to make his escape.

The Twitch star realized that they weren’t going to finish the robbery when the cops pulled up and quickly called it off, “I don’t know which one I opened, cops are here bruv, let’s go!”

Despite facing off against the officer, summit1g defied his orders and raced away once everyone had made it into the car, saying, “The cops are here, yeah we’re getting in the fucking car copper.”

The chase then lasted for over 20 minutes, with summit going through all types of terrain in an attempt to shake the cops, however, nothing seemed to be working and just when many thought he was about to get caught he pulled off an incredible play to escape.

Summit decided to slam on the brakes when realizing that the police had caught up to him, which lead to him bumping one of the cop cars and causing it to flip over. The second car was unable to react quickly enough and found itself piling up with the broken vehicle, giving summit a chance to drive away freely.

This is not the first time summit has found himself in a war with the police on GTA RP, as he seems to be intent on trying to getting them to chase his as much as possible to make his gameplay more entertaining.

Summit continues to keep the story of his character, Charles Robinson, alive while drawing in thousands of viewers on Twitch with some of his hilarious highlight on the popular roleplaying

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