FaZe Banks humiliates Nadeshot in Rust sniping 1v1: Final Result

Calum Patterson
nadeshot loses 1v1 to banks

Despite his legacy as a Call of Duty professional, Nadeshot wasn’t able to back up his confidence in his highly anticipated 1v1 against FaZe CEO Banks, ultimately succumbing to a brutal defeat.

Following Banks’ return to a leadership position in FaZe, Nadeshot wanted to put his credentials to the test in the only way old-school CoD players know: A 1v1 on Rust.

The match-up split the community in terms of who would win, but many felt Nade’s experience as a pro and more frequently playing Call of Duty in the last few years would be more than enough to take down Banks.

However, the FaZe CEO certainly has the edge in terms of quickscoping and trickshotting. This proved to be the case when the 1v1 finally took place on May 30, as he quickly dispatched of Nade in dominant fashion.

In the end, it wasn’t even close. Although the 100 Thieves boss hit a few nice shots, Banks walked out victorious with a final scoreline of 20-5.

The rules were simple: Intervention only, radar on, first to 20 kills, Rust. Many a feud has been settled in this way over the years.

Following his humbling, Nadeshot posted on X/Twitter: “GGs Banks. Sh*t got real, real quick. See you in chat tomorrow, gentlemen. There will be ungodly amounts of cry baby cheese and honestly can’t wait to yap with you boys on stream.”

Although Banks was all love in the replies, calling Nade his “brother” forever, he also made sure to get his digs in at those who doubted him.

The event, called Founding Father’s LAN, was a big success overall, with streams reaching huge viewership numbers. Scump’s stream of the event on Twitch peaked at over 47,000 live viewers, Nadeshot’s channel reached 36,000, and ZooMaa’s hit a peak of over 10,000.

More events from these organizations teaming up should be coming too off the back of this one – although Nadeshot certainly got a reminder of why he hung up the controller in the first place, so might not be back on stage anytime soon.

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