GTA Online casino Lucky Wheel bug is handing out wrong rewards

. 3 years ago
Reddit: GTAOnline

GTA Online players have uncovered a fresh bug that causes the daily lucky spin wheel to not pay out the correct reward at the Diamond Casino.

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After six years of waiting, Rockstar Games finally swung open the doors on the Diamond Casino and Resort, giving Grand Theft Auto Online players the chance to kick back and gamble away all of their hard-earned cash.

It hasn’t been without issue, however, as players have uncovered exploit to have unlimited spins on the daily wheel, a method to guarantee winning the showcase supercar, and even a tactic to rack up an insane amount of chips. Yet, a brand new problem is causing players to be left without the prize they’ve won – with the game randomly giving up something else in its place.

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Screengrab from GTA Online
The Diamond Casino and Resort has given GTA Online players a gambling hub to waste time at.

The issue was brought to light by Redditor LucioOh5, who made a post in the GTAOnline subreddit showcasing their lack of proper rewards.

As the video showed, the poster spun the lucky wheel with great force and almost landed on the showcase vehicle. Instead, however, LucioOh5 was left with a consolation prize of 50,00 chips to spend at the casino. Yet, as they went to exit the spin wheel area, they were instead rewarded with a random piece of clothing.

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Other players were quick to point out that they had also suffered the issue and that they’d been left without their correct reward too – seemingly baffled by what had caused the mistake.

“Same thing happened to me. Won the Thrax off the podium and it never got delivered to the garage I selected,” stated user 3Larry_Legend3

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While Rockstar has been quick to fix problems with the Casino, including a stability issue that plagued its initial release, it’s unknown if they are aware of the new bug with the incorrect rewards.

If they are, however, it shouldn’t be too long before a fix is in place as they won’t want players to be left shortchanged by their prizes for much longer.

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