Streamer Susu annoyed as Twitch bans toes emote even after “censoring” it

Michael Gwilliam
Susu on Twitch

Popular streamer Susu wasn’t happy that Twitch removed her toe-sucking emote twice, even after she decided to “censor” it in an attempt to comply with the platform’s emote rules.

Twitch emotes have proven to be a hot topic in the community, with certain examples being pulled from the site for seemingly bizarre reasons.

Whether it’s Winnie the Pooh in a hot tub or a dragon’s behind mocking The Simpsons’ “sexy Flanders” meme, Twitch has upset several streamers by banning their emotes.

Now, the Amazon-owned site has banned Susu’s toe-sucking emote, on the basis that it contains “sexual content.”

The emote is simple enough – it features a cartoon version of what appears to be Susu herself with someone’s toes in her mouth.

Interestingly, this was the “censored” version of the emote as the original had previously been banned for containing saliva.

Twitch states that “gasm-style emotes” that contain “bodily fluids” are not allowed. While the removal of the saliva worked for a bit, the platform once again banned it.

“Got rid of the ‘fluids’ and was fine for a while but today Twitch has chosen to forsake me yet again,” Susu announced on August 4. “I will not rest until they accept my love of toes!”

In the past, Susu has taken aim at men who take their passion for feet and toes to the extreme.

“You guys are making all the rest of us foot people look terrible!” she exclaimed in an explosive rant earlier in 2021. “There are respectable foot fiends out there.”

Sadly, it’s unclear what more Susu can do to get her emote allowed again aside from straight-up blurring it. Hopefully, some sort of solution can be reached, but it seems she’s fresh out of ideas for the time being.