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GTA RP streamer Penta leaks insane multi-million dollar Facebook streaming offer

Published: 5/Aug/2021 10:46

by Jacob Hale


Twitch streamer Penta is a well-known member of the GTA RP NoPixel community, and he’s revealed how much Facebook offered him to stream on their platform — and it’s a seriously jaw-dropping amount.

Streaming is becoming an ever more lucrative endeavor, with the top names on Twitch earning millions for sponsorships, let alone their subscriber and donation incomes.

There are plenty of streamers — across multiple platforms too — making a healthy living off of their content, but there’s clearly an upper echelon of creators who are making incredible amounts.

While Penta might not be as big as your Ninja’s, NICKMERCS’ and TimTheTatman’s of the world, he’s still built himself a solid and successful foundation of a channel, and could be about to make a serious bag from it.


gta rp penta
Rockstar Games
Penta has become pretty popular on GTA RP.

Facebook tends to fall behind its biggest streaming competitors in Twitch and YouTube, but there is some top talent on there, with the likes of Corinna Kopf and Warzone aficionado ZLaner streaming on the platform.

It turns out there’s good reason for it too, because the amount of money Facebook is offering is genuinely impossible to just ignore, especially if Penta’s reveal is anything to go by.

“Let’s just say I’m going to have to go on that “Who wants to be a blank?’ show and win the grand prize five times to make up for it,” Penta explained, talking about the offer he received and not accepted from the company.


The show he mentions is, presumably, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and winning it five times would total $5 million. While Penta later suggested it wasn’t actually $5m, having to win that much to cover the cost proves it’s definitely a ludicrous amount.

Facebook have made no secret of their desire to really stake a big claim in the livestreaming world, and when they’re offering this much money, we might see a lot more big names making the switch.