Jake Paul teases Twitch debut after flexing new PC setup

Jake Paul Twitch debutTwitch / Instagram: Jake Paul

Could Jake Paul be making the jump to Twitch streaming? The star has cryptically teased a potential platform shift in a recent Twitter post, and fans of the YouTuber-turned-boxer are getting excited.

Jake Paul has already made a name for himself on basically every social media platform out there. YouTube? 20 million subscribers. Instagram? 16.7 million followers. Twitter? 4 million.

However, there is one social media platform he doesn’t have a presence on, and that’s Amazon’s live streaming service Twitch. While it’s popular among the gamers and other influencers, Jake hasn’t eyed it off ⁠— until now.

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In an August 4 Twitter post, the younger Paul brother posed a question to his community: “Should I start streaming?”

He did so by flexing his suave three monitor setup, decked to the nines with a lit-up rig and high-end peripherals.

He was also browsing the Just Chatting section on one monitor, with a photo of Muhammed Ali on the other two.

Funnily, the poll beneath Jake Paul’s sponsored PC post currently sits at 48% yes, 52% no ⁠— indicating that at least the majority of the 25,000 voters don’t want to see him become another Just Chatting star.

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However, if he does take the leap, Jake would join his brother Logan on the platform three years after he teased his debut in March 2018.

Back then, Logan ⁠— who streamed under the name LoganPaulWasTaken ⁠— raked in nearly 200,000 followers in one day. His first stream on April 8, 2018, reached nearly 200,000 peak viewers as he ‘cranked 90s’ in Fortnite.

Logan Paul’s Twitch account now sits at 778,000 followers. He hasn’t streamed since July 2018.

An account named ‘JakePaul’ on Twitch has around 1,000 followers right now on the platform. It was reportedly updated two days ago, according to stats site TwitchTracker. It could be the star’s account, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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If Jake Paul does make his Twitch debut, he’s likely to pull in big numbers just like his brother did. We will keep you updated.