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Streamer instantly regrets eating dog food for donation challenge

Published: 22/Jan/2020 22:28

by Virginia Glaze


One unlucky Twitch streamer’s unique donation challenge went south in a hilarious way, after a viewer tested her resolve to eat wet dog food in exchange for a specific amount of cash.

Many live streamers set certain goals for themselves throughout their careers, with the aim of growing their viewership or reaching a particular amount of money donated by fans.

Some of these broadcasters will even undertake a particular challenge as a reward for their viewers’ support, such as one streamer’s bizarre “Wasabi” challenge that concluded with him vomiting after downing an entire bottle of the spicy condiment.


Twitch streamer “CarlaSophie” had a visceral reaction after eating a spoonful of dog food for a donation challenge.

While it’s no “Wasabi challenge,” partnered Twitch streamer “CarlaSophie’s” own undertaking is humorously reminiscent of the ordeal, which entailed eating an entire spoonful of wet dog food in exchange for a donation of €50 due to the prodding of her fanbase.

However, it doesn’t seem like Carla actually expected anyone to take her up on the challenge, as evidenced by her reaction to a viewer’s donation of the exact amount and ensuing message that read, “You seem hungry.”

After claiming that her chat wasn’t going to donate the €50, the streamer had to go through with her promise, and left to procure both a large spoon and a package of dog food to meet her fans’ demands.


Holding her nose closed, Carla popped the dog food into her mouth — but unfortunately, she wasn’t able to keep it down, and ran off camera to spit out the concoction before she chucked up the rest of her stomach’s contents.

After a long moment, she appeared, admitting that she had actually thrown up in her trash can due to the challenge.

“I swallowed a little bit and I accidentally lifted my fingers off my nose, and that’s when it hit me,” she explained after offering to refund the viewer’s €50. “It was so bad!”

CarlaSophie isn’t the only streamer to have eaten dog food as of late, either: popular broadcaster HAchubby likewise sampled pet food with fellow star LilyPichu — but unlike Carla, the Korean streamer actually seemed to enjoy the animal treat.


Although Twitch streamers definitely do some strange things for the camera, this particular instance made for an unforgettable moment for both HAchubby and Carla’s audiences.