Twitch streamer vomits during bizarre “wasabi challenge”

Virginia Glaze

Thanks to the advent of live streaming, sites like Twitch and Mixer deliver a near-constant flood of awkward, unexpected, and sometimes downright hilarious moments as they happen in real-time.

Twitch streamer “Valkenheart” brought one such hilarious moment to life during an August 13 broadcast, when he undertook a “spicy” challenge for Twitch bits.

Twitch bits are a form of virtual currency that allow users to support their favorite streamers, with one bit equalling one cent in United States legal tender.

TwitchTwitch bits allow users a different way to support their favorite streamers, aside from regular donations.

Thus, Valkenheart undertook what he called the “Wasabi Bit Goal Challenge,” in which he downed an entire bottle of wasabi during a five-minute period after reaching an unspecified amount of Twitch bits.

“Don’t do what I do at home, because this is done by a trained professional” Valkenheart warned his audience. “And you [could] get thoroughly injured from it.”

As expected, Valkenheart had an immediate reaction upon swallowing the first gulp of wasabi, fighting back his gag reflex as a friend encouraged him off-camera.

The streamer called his self-imposed challenge “fucking brutal” as he powered through the task, eventually heaving up the spice (thankfully out of view).

“That was disgusting,” Valkenheart admitted. “That didn’t want to stay down at all. …I did not get all the wasabi down, so I feel terribly. That was really gross.”

Despite chucking up most of the bottle, Valkenheart managed to complete his challenge in three minutes and two seconds out of his five minute time limit.

That wasn’t the only challenge Valkenheart had planned, either: the streamer’s graphic overlay shows such trials as “Subscriber raw egg and new emote goal” and “Korean spicy noodle bit challenge,” among other odd tasks.

FreepikOther challenges for Valkenheart’s Twitch Bit goals included such tasks as eating raw eggs and downing spicy noodles.

This wouldn’t be the first time a streamer has pulled a crazy stunt for views, by far: in fact, Twitch streamer “disruptY2K38” spent an entire week in virtual reality, switching between two VR headsets throughout the duration of his challenge.

As can be expected, the streamer was stunned upon returning to the real world after his journey was over – and although his challenge was far longer, we can bet it was more pleasant than chucking up a bottle of wasabi.

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