Tfue mocks BadBunny's viral subscriber outburst with his own version - Dexerto

Tfue mocks BadBunny’s viral subscriber outburst with his own version

Published: 22/Jan/2020 12:18

by Calum Patterson


Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has become the latest major streamer to mock the now-viral incident of BadBunny berating viewers for not subscribing or donating to her channel during a broadcast.

When BadBunny told her viewers that she was “heartbroken” about the lack of subscribers she was getting, it couldn’t have been predicted to turn into the controversy it did.

After streaming for an hour on January 20, the Twitch streamer clocked that not a single viewer had hit the subscribe button, nor had they donated, asking: “Am I f**king working for free?”

BadBunny talking to her viewers with a greenscreen behind her showing chat and YouTube
Twitch: BadBunny
BadBunny’s complaints to her viewers for not subscriber sparked debate across social media.

The clips soon spread on social media, as debate sparked around what level of asking for subs and donations is acceptable. Some argued that BadBunny was acting entitled, while others argue the backlash was an overreaction, and that it’s common for streamers to ask for support.

Nonetheless, some of the biggest names on the platform have chimed in, first Dr Disrespect, and now Tfue. On his January 21 broadcast, he mocked BadBunny with his own imitation of her complaints.

“I’ve been streaming 40 f**king hours a day, and you guys are not giving me five f**king dollars!” he joked, “I’m teaching you how to play the game, teaching you how to play controller, and you guys aren’t even giving me your money?! I’m literally heartbroken.”

“This is a wall of non-subs – I’m f**king pissed,” he continued, referencing BadBunny’s similar comment. “I’m ending my stream right now if you guys don’t sub in the next five seconds.”

Unlike BadBunny, Tfue’s rant actually did result in a handful of subscriptions, as some of his fans even gifted multiple subs to other viewers.

Of course, Tfue doesn’t need to ask to maintain a healthy sub count, which is often in the tens of thousands at any given time.

For smaller streamers, it can be challenging to ensure that the time spent broadcasting on Twitch is compensated financially. For some, it is their full-time income, and it’s understandable that prompting viewers to contribute may be necessary.

One fellow streamer even argued that the backlash towards BadBunny was due to sexism, claiming male streamers are not criticized for doing the same. There has been instances of male streamers facing criticism for their attempts to encourage viewers to give money.

Among Us

Pokimane’s big-brain Among Us tactic exposes PewDiePie as an Imposter

Published: 31/Oct/2020 23:52

by Alan Bernal


Pokimane used a clever trick in Among Us that instantly exposed PewDiePie as one of the game’s imposters while teaching her audience an easier way to figure out if someone is trying to conceal their identity amid the crew.

It’s no secret that Among Us has become a go-to option for many of the top gaming streamers and YouTubers; these content creators have been refining their lies throughout their gameplay, though there are some pitfalls that they’re still easily making.

One of those mistakes as an imposter is not knowing the time constraints that a given task demands from the crew member before it’s completed. For anyone that hasn’t played, this means that someone with a keen eye on their fellow ‘crew’ can easily tell if someone’s trying to deceive the lobby by pretending to do a task.

Some imposters fake it well, some stumble through the game hoping they don’t get caught, and others still get exposed for a momentary lapse in judgment, which is exactly what happened to PewDiePie.

among us
You can keep track of other crew members in Among Us in more than one way.

Over on Polus in Communications, Pokimane was sus on Pewds as the two, along with 100 Thieves’ Valkyrae, were approaching the terminal to upload the task.

PewDiePie entered the room first, immediately going to the computer to start his ‘task,’ quickly followed by Valkyrae and then Pokimane.

“Pewds was on it, Rae got on it like a second after me,” she said to herself, keeping track of who should get off of the task first. “So Pewds should get off it first.”

But the longtime streamer was wide-eyed in disbelief after she saw that the white crew member belonging to the YouTube King was the last to leave the terminal. Always calculating the odds, she waited until later in the game to reveal her evidence, eventually voting to eject PewDiePie out of the game.

In the next round’s meeting, Poki further explained the deep thinking that went into her suspicions: “Upload is a set-timed task, so if someone else and I get on it at the same time, we have to get off of it at the same time. So because Rae and I got on it after Pewds and we got off of it before he did, it made me think that he was faking it.”

Turns out, she was right! After the second imposter was discovered and exposed, the game ended, proving that Pewds had indeed been the first killer. Pokimane’s 10,000 IQ assessment is yet another example of the type of awareness players need to have in order to be successful in Among Us.