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Streamer sends emotional plea to Twitch after “indefinite” ban

Published: 28/Oct/2019 23:55 Updated: 29/Oct/2019 0:19

by Meg Bethany Koepp


IRL streamer ‘WholeWheatPete’ was banned on Twitch “indefinitely” on October 28, and has since uploaded an emotional video pleading for his channel’s reinstatement.

Pete is widely known for his in-real-life streams that involve some rather bizarre antics, such as trading socks with strangers, almost knocking a child out with a pumpkin, and more.

In a rather unfortunate turn for the streamer, Twitch banned him from its platform on October 28, and sent an email to notify him that the suspension was “indefinite”. The email stated that the IRL streamer had received a Community Guidelines strike, and was therefore suspended for “Harassing, intimidating, or bullying others.”


WholeWheatPete’s Twitch ban

Later on the same day, Pete uploaded an emotional video to Twitter titled “Please tell me this ban is a mistake, I’m lost for words,” where he pleaded with the streaming platform to reinstate his account because, as far as he knew, it was for no reason.

“Anyone that knows me would know that I would never, ever want to cause any malicious intent to anyone on my streams whatsoever!” he exclaimed. He then went on to blame trolls for mass-reporting his channel.

“To see this channel go down because of people who have been targeting my stream for months, who have come into the channel trying to spam derogatory terms, and who most likely mass report me at any chance they get… It’s just so hard for me,” he said.


Pete stated that he just wanted to make his viewers happy with his antics and was only trying to make people laugh. “I care so much about making people happy and making people smile because of this sad world we live in!” he exclaimed, struggling to hold back tears. “Twitch please, I beg you, just take a look at my channel, please tell me this is a mistake.”

The IRL streamer followed his video up further with a tweet that said he isn’t giving up on the streaming platform and hopes that it rescinds its decision.

“I’m not giving up on Twitch,” he tweeted. “I believe in them, and I believe that this issue will be resolved soon.”


Community Guidelines strikes are usually handed out on a case-to-case basis, meaning that there are no standardized punishments for breaking them. This inconsistent moderation has, in the past, been a pain point for Twitch streamers and their communities. 

Twitch has also been known to lessen the length of a ban or lift an “indefinite” suspension, so Pete’s plea may bear some weight on its decision.