Dr Disrespect slams Mixer’s decision to “buy” Ninja and shroud

During his October 28 stream, Twitch star Dr Disrespect went off an explosive rant and explained why Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek’s move to Mixer were not actually good for the Microsoft platform after all.

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Ninja sent shockwaves through the streaming industry when he signed an exclusive deal to join Twitch’s competitor Mixer on August 1. Three months later, former CSGO pro shroud announced he would be leaving as well.

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While many considered these to be “big moves” made by Mixer, the Two-Time champion Dr Disrespect slammed the idea, and also explained why he would never join the streaming platform.

Twitter: @PUBGDr Disrespect slammed Mixer trying to “buy” a community by signing shroud and Ninja to their platform.
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Dr Disrespect would never join Mixer

Doc was reading his chat when someone in his audience told him “Easy, just to move to Mixer!” which set the Twitch star off on a rant about the Microsoft streaming platform. “I would never move to Mixer, trust me. It’s stupid!” he laughed.

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The Two-Time then got into the numbers, and explained why he wouldn’t be making the move. “Right now they probably have a total of 40 to 50 thousand concurrent viewers across the entire platform. Currently on Twitch they have 1.5 million concurrent viewers,” he exclaimed.

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The Twitch star then exploded into a rant after being “sick and tired” of hearing people talking about Ninja and shroud’s moves to sign exclusive deals. 

“So you tell me. You step into my face and say “YEAH! They are making big moves!” No, they are not! I have double the amount of viewers that Ninja has, and I’m still in my intro!” he explained poignantly. 

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Doc then argued that the two streamers joining Mixer actually isn’t doing anything for the growth of the platform. “Reality check, those moves are not doing anything for the platform. You can’t pay for a community, you can’t buy viewership – it’s right here! The Twitch community is built!”

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This isn’t the first time Doc has shared a harsh opinion on the Microsoft platform. During his October 24 stream, he hit out at Mixer and said, “In comparison, Twitch, the streaming platform, has extremely high engagement and sessions times that they monetize by millions of minutes of content watched!”

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He also shared doubts about Ninja’s longevity on the platform in August, and predicted that the Fortnite star’s numbers would go down over time, given the state of where the Mixer was at in terms of exposure and active users. Only time will tell if Microsoft-owned platform will grow as a result of the talent they are signing. 

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