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Popular cosplayer Liz Katz banned on Twitch – everything we know

Published: 28/Oct/2019 20:02 Updated: 28/Oct/2019 21:17

by Meg Bethany Koepp


Popular female cosplayer Liz Katz was banned on Twitch on October 28, with reasons seemingly unknown.

Fans were first alerted to the cosplayer’s suspension on October 28 when a Twitter account named ‘Twitch Partner Bans’ tweeted out that her channel was banned.

“Twitch Partner “lizkatzofficial” has been banned!” the tweet read, which was confirmed by a visit to her streaming page, which displayed the classic “That content is unavailable” error message.

Liz herself seemed to be surprised by the ban, as she replied to the tweet with “WTF!?” – An ample indication that Twitch hadn’t informed her of her channel’s suspension.

A fan asked, “How?” to which she replied, “How indeed.  That’s what I’m gonna find out,” alongside a gif from Nintendo’s Detective Pikachu movie.

Five hours after the initial tweet, it appeared as though the model had gotten no answer from Twitch, as she revealed that she still had no idea why she’d been banned from the streaming service.

“My Twitch was just me fully clothed sitting at my desk playing games,” she said in reply to a user who told her not to trust the platform with any forms of “adult” content.

Liz is known for a more risque form of cosplay, something for which Twitch has banned users over before. However, she’s adamant she was wearing an ordinary outfit when streaming, which doesn’t break any rules.

When not on the platform, her outfits prove to be popular with fans, and she’s debuted many from popular video games such as Final Fantasy, Pokemon, and Borderlands 3 – a game she even had a small voice acting role in.

With the cosplayer serving a suspension from Twitch for now, she’s still thriving in popularity on Instagram, where she boasts almost a million followers.

Dexerto will keep you updated with any further developments regarding her suspension from the streaming platform.


My Hero Academia cosplayer brings out their inner villain as fiery Dabi

Published: 18/Nov/2020 6:56

by Andrew Amos


In My Hero Academia, there’s a few villains to choose from, but one of the more popular ones is Dabi. We all have a little villain inside of us, and cosplayer ‘kirapika’ has brought it out with a fiery cosplay of the Vanguard Action Squad leader.

Every good story has to have a villain or two. There’s no shortage of them in My Hero Academia either, given the tensions between the League of Villains and the various hero agencies around Japan.

The fiery Dabi is definitely up there with one of the most powerful weapons the League of Villains has at their disposal. The leader of the Vanguard Action Squad is classified as an A-Rank Villain, and he’s got the power to match.

Dabi in My Hero Academia
Dabi is one of My Hero Academia’s most iconic villains.

With a penchant of setting the world ablaze, the patched-up antagonist is yet another iconic character design from the hit franchise. Kirapika has brought Dabi to life in one of their latest cosplays though, and he’s got everything down pat.

It’s easy enough to say that Dabi’s design is simple to pull off, but you really notice a good one when you see it. It’s the small details, from the detailing on the jacket, to the light blue currents through Kirapika’s hair, that really makes this Dabi cosplay shine.

Kirapika didn’t go as far as patchworking their own body like Dabi, but the ‘staples’ and bodypaint certainly does the trick of fitting the character’s design.

While Kirapika admitted My Hero Academia isn’t their favorite show, they still “really enjoy watching and reading it.”

“I get to really love some of the characters and Dabi is one of my [favourite] ones. I really wanted to cosplay him [for] a long time now,” they said on an Instagram post.


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The cosplay is just the beginning for Kirapika’s journeys through the My Hero Academia universe. It was long requested by their fans, and they’re not done yet, as they’re working on finessing their current Dabi design as well as others.

“I’m not happy with the final look, a lot of improvement needs to be done. I’m gonna try to improve him as much as I can to see if I can become comfortable with this cosplay one day or not.”