Streamer catches man throwing drink in woman’s face as TwitchCon Paris chaos continues

Virginia Glaze

An IRL streamer caught the moment a man threw a drink in a woman’s face during an apparent argument while he was out eating lunch while taking a break from TwitchCon Paris.

IRL streams (short for ‘in real life’) capture some of the wildest moments the internet has to offer.

From crimes happening on-camera — like the time a purse thief snatched a woman’s bag outside a Gucci store while a streamer was broadcasting nearby — or watching fights break out in fast food restaurants in real-time, IRL streams are often the origin point for viral content.

The latest incident to take place during an IRL stream happened when Twitch streamer ‘reydempto’ was dining outside on the patio of a restaurant while taking a break from TwitchCon Paris.

twitch irl streamer
IRL streamers have a penchant for capturing some of the most wild content on the internet.

IRL streamer catches moment man throws drink in woman’s face

Reydempto is notorious for capturing wild moments during his broadcasts, and this stream was no exception. Although he was enjoying a relatively relaxing meal outdoors, his leisure was suddenly interrupted by some customers behind him.

A group of four was sitting at a table behind him when, out of nowhere, one of the diners stood up and threw his drink into the face of a woman sitting opposite him.

Reydempto looked back, shocked, before looking back to his camera to see what his chat was saying. One of the other diners appeared to try and diffuse the situation, while another stood up and seemed to ask the man who’d thrown his drink what the problem was.

Rey then looked over at the woman and the two exchanged sympathetic glances before he covered up the camera to allow her time to towel off.

“Are you okay?” Rey asked later. “He threw the drink in your face? Really? I would never do that to you. Do you wanna sit with me, instead? I’m a lot nicer.”

Luckily, it looks like everything turned out alright in the end — but this isn’t the first time Redyempto has caught a shocking moment during one of his IRL streams.

In May, he was chased by a man threatening to “kill” him for filming in a public park — and just two months later, he was chased by that same man again, who was eventually arrested.

TwitchCon Paris has already caused chaos on a few streams, to boot; from streamers being confronted by knife-wielding strangers to some getting outright attacked, it seems there have been a lot of shocking moments captured by streamers roaming around France’s capital during this time.