Twitch streamer’s equipment broken after man attacks him twice in two months

Virginia Glaze

Twitch streamer ‘reydempto’ found himself being attacked again by the same man who chased him nearly two months ago — and this time, the attacker broke his equipment.

IRL streamer ‘reydempto’ has had some fairly negative experiences while broadcasting his adventures in Amsterdam, where he currently lives.

In the past, the streamer has been harassed by strangers while enjoying nights out on the town… and he’s even been chased by angry bystanders.

In May 2023, reydempto was streaming in a park during the daytime when a group of guys expressed that they didn’t want to be filmed.

One of them even chased the streamer while threatening to kill him over the incident, leading to a frightening confrontation that had reydempto shouting for help.

Now, reydempto has been attacked again by that very same man — but this time, the attacker managed to deal some damage.

Twitch streamer’s equipment broken by attacker in second park chase

On July 4, reydempto returned to that park for another IRL stream when he ran into the same man who’d chased him mere months ago.

After exchanging some heated words with the guy, he started following reydempto and eventually caught up to the streamer, who cried out for help… but not before the man knocked him down, dealing some serious damage to his equipment in the process.

“Dude, no f*cking way is this dude back again,” rey said. “Leave me alone! …I’m allowed to film!”

In messages to Dexerto, reydempto confirmed that the attacker had broken his streaming equipment, which can be seen bugging out near the end of a clip taken from the altercation.

That’s not all; on Twitter, rey also confirmed that his assailant has been arrested as a result of the scuffle.

Luckily, the situation appears to have been taken care of — but unfortunately, it looks like rey’s streaming setup got scuffed in the process.

This is far from the first time a streamer has been chased or even outright attacked during an IRL broadcast; in 2022, a streamer was physically assaulted by strangers while traveling in Japan.