Streamer confronted by man holding knife during IRL stream in Paris

Shay Robson
Twitch streamer Knut holding camera in Paris streets

Twitch streamer Knut was approached by a man appearing to be carrying a knife during a late-night IRL stream in Paris.

IRL streams have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years on Twitch.

Although, despite them being proven to be considerably dangerous, with streamers frequently being robbed, harassed, and even threatened for their lives, it certainly doesn’t deter creators from doing them.

In a recent live stream after attending TwitchCon Paris, streamer Knut was approached by a man on the street who was concerned they were being filmed, who also appeared to be carrying a weapon.

Knut approached by man with knife in IRL Paris stream

While walking back to his hotel late at night, the 34-year-old was confronted by a man who turned and began to follow Knut and his group as they briefly passed by.

“What is this bro?” the man can be heard asking the streamer, questioning why he’s holding a camera. “Twitch,” Knut replied.

The streamer started to de-escalate the situation, explaining to the dubious man that he was only filming himself. “No, no, myself. That’s why I’m turning… no I’m not filming you, no.”

As the two parted ways, Knut explained to his viewers that he was only filming himself, and pointed the camera in the other direction as he noticed the man looming behind. “I wasn’t filming him, I was pointing it at myself until he came up,” he explained.

A couple of minutes later in the stream, Knut revealed that the man actually had a weapon concealed. “That guy was one of those brain-dead dumbasses. I’m not sure what he was even trying to do, ‘are you filming everyone’ when I was walking like this on purpose.”

He added: “I’m a master of de-escalating situations. He was trying to be threatening, he was for sure looking for danger. And he was showing off he also had a weapon, did you see that? In the package he was holding in his hand… a knife.”

Thankfully, the streamer and his friends all made it back to their hotel safely.