German IRL Twitch streamer attacked while live in Paris

Meera Jacka
German IRL Twitch streamer attacked while live in Paris

Live streaming can be a surprisingly dangerous activity as one German Twitch streamer found out after two men attacked him in Paris for inadvertently filming them.

German Twitch streamer Sebastian, who goes by ‘EinSebastian’ on the platform, shares his life with viewers through IRL and Just Chatting streams.

Most recently, Sebastian has been streaming in Paris and documenting his travels and various experiences throughout the city.

However, he ran into trouble on July 9 after accidentally filming two men walking by who seemingly did not want to appear on camera.

The streamer was sitting on a sidewalk in the famous city of love when he turned the camera toward the street he was facing. Laughing with the chat, Sebastian could be heard jokingly saying “I hate you all so much” to his viewers.

In a stroke of bad luck, two men walking by at the same time seemingly assumed the camera was focused on them. Sebastian explained he was live streaming, resulting in one of the men charging toward him before the camera cut to black.

When the stream returned, Sebastian was running and repeatedly calling “it’s deleted” over his shoulder. He told viewers, “The dude back there just came after me.”

German Twitch streamer runs from attack
Sebastian was forced to run away from the men.

“Really bad timing on that one. Was randomly laughing and moved the camera to the person walking by,” one person commented on Reddit about the altercation. “If I was a paranoid weirdo I would have thought they were filming me and laughing which is what seemed to set the guy off.”

Others labeled the incident as a cultural issue, claiming this was common in Paris. One said, “They really do be hating tourists, huh?”

Another commented, “What the f*** is up with Paris? Holy f***.” Though many were quick to point out that this could have occurred anywhere in the world.

For now, we’re just glad that Sebastian is ok and doesn’t seem to be giving up streaming over the attack any time soon. For all the latest entertainment news, be sure to check out our page here.