Streamer runs away from stranger threatening to “kill” him for filming in park

Virginia Glaze

Twitch streamer ‘reydempto’ found himself fleeing from an aggressive stranger in a park who threatened to “kill” him for broadcasting in public.

IRL (short for ‘in real life’) streams can be some of the most jaw-dropping content the internet has to offer.

Rather than streaming content from their PC, IRL streamers broadcast their daily lives for their viewers, often showcasing their travels abroad or interesting activities that can’t be done at home.

However, sometimes these streams can capture the occasional scuffle with a stranger out in public. We’ve covered multiple instances of broadcasters getting accosted by strangers who don’t take kindly to being filmed without their express permission.

Twitch streamer chased by stranger threatening to “kill” him

Twitch streamer reydempto is the latest IRL broadcaster to undergo this treatment. Rey was streaming while walking through a public park in Amsterdam when he was approached by a group of angry strangers who seemed to have an issue with him streaming in the area.

At first, Rey argued his point that he was only filming himself when they voiced their displeasure. “If you want to make problems then it will be on you, and not me. I’m just walking here minding my own business,” he said.

“It’s very nice you have [the camera] on yourself, but you hear what people are saying,” one person said off-camera. “…Now people are telling you [this], because you want to have this on your vlog or whatever. You wanna have my voice on it, so you have to pay me for that.”

Unfortunately, things quickly escalated from there. Another person approached Rey and a heated argument ensued. As the group dissipated, Rey got into a verbal spat with one of the strangers, who started chasing after him after asking if he was filming him.

“Get the f*ck away from me, man!” Rey cried out. “Help, somebody! What the f*ck, man?”

“Film me again and I kill you!” the man yelled before shouting, “Don’t call the cops.”

Luckily, Rey made it out of the situation unscathed. “God damn,” he said after making his escape. “He really tried to grab my camera that time.”

That’s not all; Rey also claims that he got the aggressor arrested due to his antics.

As previously mentioned, this is far from the first time a stranger has been aggressive with an IRL streamer in public; in 2022, a Twitch streamer was physically assaulted by strangers while attempting to enjoy a meal in Japan.

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