Sodapoppin opens up on struggles with Adderall addiction from Twitch streaming

Isaac McIntyre
Sodapoppin looks stunned on Twitch stream.
Twitch: Sodapoppin

Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris has opened up to his Twitch fans about his battles with Adderall addiction, revealing there were days he would “just not eat, not sleep” as he used the drug to fuel his rising streaming career.

Sodapoppin, 27, struggled with a heavy Adderall addiction in the early years of his Twitch streaming career, the popular star revealed to his fans on December 22.

The star, who built his name in World of Warcraft, has gone on to have an immensely successful career on Twitch. In the early days, though, Morris explained, much of his energy and streaming drive came from one thing, and one thing alone: Adderall, the amphetamine and dextroamphetamine drug.

“I built my life around Adderall,” he admitted.

“It got to a point [in the early days] where I didn’t rely on food or sleep. I was fueled by Adderall, entirely. Everything I did was based around when I’d get it next.”

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Twitch: Sodapoppin
Morris cut out food and sleep while he was taking the amphetamine drug.

According to the Twitch star, who has always been very open about his struggles with Adderall, it was one of the “worst times of [his] life,” but it was only after one particularly horrible stream that set him on the road to recovery.

“I would take [Adderall] while I was streaming, always, every day. And when you take it, hyper-fixating is the biggest factor. I remember one really bad stream, I sat there organizing my desktop icons for three hours. It was the worst stream, I think, I’ve ever done. It just got so bad… I had to stop.

The exhaustion from not eating or sleeping continued to be a vicious cycle for Morris, however, who struggled to kick the addiction for months.

Adderall has been a major problem in gaming for more than two decades.

Sodapoppin continued: “The biggest issue with it is I’m already a pretty skinny dude, even skinnier then too. And it kills your appetite entirely. I just stopped eating. 

“So I was up twenty-four hours [a day], constantly. Not eating. Not sleeping. Even when I did sleep, I’d wake up from these half-assed Adderall sleeps, really garbage sleeps, and I’d wake up malnourished, really tired, and I’d have to go live, so I’d take another Adderall so I could get through and stream.

“After like two months of doing this straight, sleeping terribly, not eating at all, then streaming through the Adderall, I began building my life around it. I was no longer fuelled by food or sleep. Just Adderall, entirely.

“I didn’t even feel like a normal human,” the Twitch star added. “In hindsight, I should have, you know, done things differently, but I’d built my life around this.”

Thankfully, Sodapoppin has put his Adderall addiction well behind him, and now speaks on his past battles as a way to educate others and encourage them to either avoid the drug entirely or use it safely.

The 27-year-old star has sliced down his broadcast lengths too, no longer buying into the 24-hour cycles he enforced when he was starting out on Twitch.

Morris now streams for around four to six hours per day, often raking in up to and over 20k viewers per stream. The star has nearly 3.2 million followers.