Asmongold breaks down on Twitch after getting perfect Christmas gift

Dylan Horetski
YouTube: Asmongold

Asmongold got emotional during his Twitch stream after Cody, his childhood friend, gave him the perfect Christmas gift.

On October 29, Asmongold revealed that his mother passed away after a long battle with health issues. As the creator constantly shared his mother with his community, fans instantly began paying tribute to “Asmom,” in support.

With the Christmas holiday coming up, many streamers are opening gifts up on stream in front of their viewers.

While streaming on his alternate channel, zackrawrr, Asmongold recieved a gift from his childhood friend, Cody. After he opened it and realized what it was, Zack broke out in tears.

Asmongold breaks out in tears after opening gift

On December 21, Asmongold went live on his alternate Twitch channel ‘zackrawrr.’ Zack has been streaming on this channel almost exclusively after announcing a break from his main channel back in October.

During his stream, his friend Cody arrived at his house with a gift for the creator from ‘Paint Your Life’ that he will likely cherish for the rest of his life.

Zack opened up the package to find a painting of his mom and him, and became completely speechless for a few seconds. He then turned to his friend and said: “Thank you, Thank you. Thank you so much, I love it.”

Asmongold turned to face his stream again, wiping tears from his face as he showed the thoughtful gift to his viewers. The image that Cody had painted for Asmongold is the one that the creator used in his tweet announcing his mothers passing.

Judging by Asmon’s reaction towards the gift, this year’s going to be a Christmas the creator is never going to forget.

While being on break from his main channel, Asmongold has still continued to provide his opinions towards various topics like his criticism towards a recently released World of Warcraft book.