Sodapoppin betrays his only friend in Project Zomboid, but there’s a twist

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Twitch star Sodapoppin was playing Project Zomboid’s new multiplayer feature with fellow streamer Cyr when he discovered that his friend had been infected by a zombie.

Survival horror game Project Zomboid received a major update with Build 41 which included tons of new gameplay features and including new combat and animations.

Along with the update included a beta for multiplayer, which has helped spark new interest in the nearly decade-old zombie game.

Sodapoppin was streaming the new multiplayer feature with Cyr, when the pair played out a Walking Dead scenario in real-time.

Sodapoppin has over 3 million Twitch followers.

Sodapoppin fights for survival

The streamer was broadcasting the survival game on December 27, when he made a fatal discovery.

Soda inspected Cyr’s wounds and noticed something terrible, “I’m gonna remove this dirty bandage here. Okay, yup, you’re bit.” He bonked the infected streamer on the head a few times to kill him, when Cyr ran and begged for his life shouting, “Please! Please!”

Cyr took a swing at Soda in a last-ditch effort to save his life, but he missed and Soda retaliated with a killing blow, which sent him into a fit of laughter.

What Soda didn’t realize was that Cyr would quickly be revived as a zombie after dying, and his zombie corpse attacked Soda from the afterlife.

Thankfully, Sodapoppin wasn’t infected from the bite that he endured from Cyr’s zombie form.

Cyr quickly respawned into Soda’s game and ran right over to his previous body, which he was shocked to discover: “Oh! I know him! Did you kill him!?”

Soda struggled not to burst into laughter and said, “I didn’t not. I killed them, and they killed him. There’s no reason for you to not believe me, you just got here.”

Cyr then claimed that he could “absorb memories by eating brains”, and ate his previous body’s brain to discover what really happened.

Project Zomboid’s new co-op mode has some clear RP potential, and Sodapoppin has only begun tapping into it.

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