OTK finds its eighth member as Twitch star Cyr joins the team

Cyr joins OTK announcementOTK

Mega-popular streaming group One True King (OTK), founded by the likes of Asmongold and Mizkif, now has its eighth member as Twitch star Cyr has joined the team.

OTK has only been around for 12 months yet the streaming collective is already making waves as one of the biggest groups on the internet. 

While it was already crowned the most popular organization on Twitch in July, overtaking industry juggernauts like TSM and Luminosity, the team just grew even larger.

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On the 12 month anniversary of OTK’s formation, one more member was added to the group. Twitch star Cyr joined the mix to become the eighth personality in the North American crew.

Known for his dry humor while streaming IRL or playing a variety of games, Cyr has been close friends with many of OTK’s founders for quite some time.

Having amassed over 400,000 followers on Twitch and another 200,000 on Twitter, Cyr is another major star in the content creator space, further strengthening OTK’s place atop the streaming charts.

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There’s no telling what Cyr will get up to with the OTK gang first, but being in close proximity to one another means all types of content could soon be on the horizon.


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In just its first year, OTK has grown into a recognizable brand in the gaming entertainment sector, with hundreds of thousands following their every move across social media.

With the addition of Cyr marking their first anniversary, there’s no signs of slowing down. Expect to see more big names joining the OTK group soon.

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