Sodapoppin slams people making NFTs & crypto “their personality”


Twitch star Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris roasted social media users who adopt NFTs and cryptocurrency as the basis for their online identity.

Sodapoppin was streaming Dead by Daylight on December 23, when he opened up about a trend on Twitter that has been bothering him.

While the game booted up, he vented to his audience: “Dude, I keep getting followed by f**king people who are verified on Twitter, and I’m like ‘Oh, who is it?,’ and I look at it, ‘NFT connoisseur, talk to me about Bitcoin!’ Like, that’s it?”

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Soda explained he understands why people do such heavy promotion of NFTs and crypto through social media, adding: “I mean, I get it, it actually makes a lot of people a lot of money.”

However, this doesn’t mean he’s on board with the aggressive promotion of non-fungible tokens. He ended his thoughts with, “But, holy f**k, it’s become people’s personality at this point.”

The streamer released a video back on September 8, where he educated himself on the world of NFTs and described their pricing as “ridiculous.”

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Sodapoppin isn’t the only streamer who has been publicly skeptical of NFTs.

On November 27, fellow Twitch star Asmongold slammed NFTs and said, “Am I the only one who finds people scrambling to spend thousands of dollars on a picture of a monkey ridiculous?”

While Soda respects people finding ways to make a profit using new technology, he made it clear he’d like to be left out of it for now.

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