Snapchat slang terms explained: SU, TTM, LMR — What do they mean?

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As social media platforms evolves and gains new users, it’s normal for the platforms to gain their own slang words. This does include Snapchat. But what do these words mean? Here’s everything you need to know.

Multimedia instant messaging platform Snapchat initially released in 2011, and since then, it has gone on to become one of the top social media apps used by millions across the world.

On the app, you can send videos, pictures, and direct messages to your friends, as well as post stories, which automatically disappear after 24 hours.

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Like any other social media app, there are a number of different slang terms which are used on the app, some of which are unique to Snapchat, and others that were originally popularized elsewhere.

If you’re confused about some of the words you’re seeing on Snapchat, here’s what you need to know about some of the app’s most popular terms.


Snapchat logo on yellow backgroundSnapchat
Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms out there right now.

What does SU mean on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, SU usually means ‘Swipe Up.’ When you swipe up on a story on the app, you are able to easily send a direct message to someone, so if someone uses this term, they may be encouraging you to message them.

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Alternatively, people are able to put links in their stories, and if they write SU, they may be encouraging you to access the link. SU is also often written as S/U.

What does TTM mean on Snapchat?

TTM is an acronym that often stands for ‘Talk To Me.’ If someone sends you this term on Snapchat, they may be encouraging you to start or continue a conversation with them. You will most likely see this term used in direct messages, but it can also be used in public stories.

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This term is used, not just on Snapchat, but on other platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and more too.

What does LMR mean on Snapchat?

LMR is a term that means ‘Like My Recent.’ A ‘recent’ refers to the latest post you have uploaded to a social media platform, usually Instagram or TikTok.

On Snapchat, people may upload a story including a screenshot of their recent, along with the term LMR, to encourage their friends to go and engage with their latest social media post.

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What does streak mean on Snapchat?

A Snapchat ‘streak’ refers to how many consecutive days you have exchanged snaps with another user on the app. You will see a number next to their name indicating how long your streak is.

Some users send images just containing the words ‘streaks’ in order to maintain their streaks with users for as long as possible.

What does ESB mean on Snapchat?

ESB stands for ‘Everyone Snap Back,’ and is used when someone wants you to reply with your own picture or message. You’ll often see this used in group chats, though you may receive it as an individual message if someone has sent the same snap to multiple users.

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What does PU mean on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, PU generally stands for ‘Pop Up.’ Asking someone to pop up means that you are asking them to send you a message or start a conversation, so you’ll often see it used in people’s stories.

What does NRS mean on Snapchat?

NRS usually stands for ‘No Replies’ on Snapchat. This is often used as a way to let people know that you won’t be responding to Snaps for a period of time, whether that’s because you have no internet, or because you just don’t want to. This abbreviation can also take the form of just NR.

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What does SR mean on Snapchat?

SR usually stands for ‘Slow Replies,’ and is used as a way to let your contacts know that you won’t be replying as quickly as you usually do for whatever reason. It is used in a similar way to NRS, which means ‘No Replies.’

What does WYLL mean on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, WYLL usually stands for ‘What You Look Like.’ This is used as a way to ask someone what they look like if you don’t know them in real life. You might also see this term used on other platforms such as TikTok.

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What does ISTG mean on Snapchat?

ISTG is a commonly used internet acronym that means ‘I Swear To God.’ This is usually used to emphasize a point that you want to make, and is often situated at the start or end of a sentence, for example: “ISTG I can’t take him anywhere.”

What does SMH mean on Snapchat?

SMH stands for ‘Shaking My Head’ or ‘Shake My Head,’ and is used as a way to indicate disapproval or some form of disappointment. This is a widely used acronym across multiple different social media platforms, but you will often see it on Snapchat.

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