What does SMH mean on TikTok?

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Throughout your time browsing your TikTok For You Page, you may have stumbled across the term ‘SMH’ — but what does the acronym stand for, and when do you use it?

TikTok only seems to be getting more popular by the day, and in the years since it launched, there have been a number of different viral trends and challenges to take over the app.

This is coupled with a series of different slang terms that have emerged on the app, whether they are existing words that have transferred over from other social media platforms like Twitter, or whether they have been created by the TikTok community specifically.

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‘SMH’ is a word that has been around on the internet for a while, and has been used across most social media platforms, so it’s no surprise that the acronym made its way onto TikTok as well.

If you’ve ever seen someone use this term in a video or comment on the app, here’s everything you need to know about what it means.

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TikTok is a hub of the internet’s most viral content.

SMH meaning on TikTok

In most cases, SMH stands for ‘shaking my head’ or ‘shake my head.’ The term is primarily used to indicate disappointment and is usually used in response to someone, whether that be a specific comment, or to a referenced scenario.

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Although that is the most common meaning of SMH, there are other things it could also stand for. Examples include ‘so much hate,’ ‘smack my head,’ or ‘somehow.’

The meaning of the term will ultimately differ depending on the context of the conversation, but it is a frequently used word on TikTok and beyond.

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