Small streamer breaks down in tears after insane donation from Mr Beast

Mr Beast brings small Twitch streamer to tearsYouTube: MrBeast Gaming

YouTube star and internet philanthropist Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson is back at it again with his classic streamer donation videos — and this time, he sent an unsuspected IRL broadcaster into tears.

While Mr Beast is known for such stunts as opening “free banks,” handing out suitcases of money on college campuses, and awarding thousands of dollars to contestants for standing in a circle for 24 hours, the current health crisis has made his usual antics a bit difficult.

Thus, it seems the online superstar has had to find another avenue for his charitable ventures by going back to one of his old-school tactics: donating to small-time Twitch streamers.

Mr Beast has a penchant for helping out broadcasters with smaller audiences, completely taking them by surprise with huge amounts of money that he donates to them during their streams.


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This time, Donaldson set out to find broadcasters with a grand total of 0 viewers, with a whopping $50,000 to give away.

While he surprised his first lucky streamer with $10,000, the broadcaster hadn’t turned on his donation notifications — but it wasn’t long before Mr Beast found an IRL streamer perusing aisles at the grocery store who couldn’t seem to believe the $2,000 amount she received.

“No!” She exclaimed, laughing in disbelief. “That’s not Mr Beast, right? That cannot be him! Excuse me? That’s not real, right?”

Mr Beast donates to Twitch streamersYouTube: MrBeast Gaming
Mr Beast donated a whopping $50,000 to small Twitch streamers, leaving one broadcaster in tears.

The streamer then began to cry, leading Mr Beast to send yet another massive donation her way, with one simple instruction: “Buy that Danish.”

The YouTuber sent an additional $5,000 to the Russia-based streamer, who began skipping through the store in happiness; but it seems she wasn’t merely a broadcaster.

“I’m gonna build educational games now,” she revealed. “That’s why I started streaming. I wanted to try to educate people.”

Luckily, she did end up buying the Danish — a small price to pay for a huge jumpstart in her dreams of building educational video games.

While Mr Beast once said he was completely through with his donation videos, it seems that the holiday spirit has inspired him to start up the tradition, once again, much to the happiness of a few small broadcasters.